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Colin Kaepernick Supporters Want Him Back in Pro Bowl

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After Colin Kaepernick protested against police brutality against African-Americans, he was kicked out of the NFL (National Football League). He hasn’t played any NFL game in almost two years. But he has kept himself busy. From taking part in Nike’s genius marketing campaign, to educating the youth about their rights in “Know Your Rights Campaign” and even hanging out with Mariah Carey. However, avid supporters of Colin Kaepernick are actively trying to get him back out in the field. So, will we see this hero back in NFL?

Fans Efforts To Get Him Back

This year NFL has given the fans a chance to vote for Pro Bowlers on Twitter by the hashtag #ProBowlVote and adding in the name of the player they’re voting for. There aren’t any rules on which player it can be, there’s no nominee list. It can be any player the fans wish to vote for. Colin Kaepernick has a vast following on social media, especially Twitter. To Kaepernick fans’ delight, many have already started voting for Colin Kaepernick.

Will NFL Count Votes?

It’s hard to believe that the NFL will actually count these votes and take them into serious consideration. This hashtag was probably no more than a marketing stunt to get fans engaged with the upcoming Pro Bowl event. NFL league may justify it all by stating that only active NFL players could be voted. However,  they didn’t specify it when they started the hashtag.

But when NBA gave their fans a similar power, they got Magic Johnson, an inactive player, to appear in an all-star game. He even got to win the MVP award.  So, we can remain hopeful we’ll see Colin Kaepernick back in the field. But, Kaepernick is linked with controversy whereas Magic Johnson has not. The ex-NFL player even has a collusion lawsuit against the League after he was kicked out. The NFL could bury the hatchet by inviting Kaepernick back.

It would certainly make for an interesting spectacle and we’d definitely see Cardi B perform in the Super Bowl performance. She herself stated that she’ll only perform if Colin Kaepernick comes back to the NFL.

And perhaps the league, feeling pressured by Kaepernick’s collusion lawsuit, would decide to extend the invitation to Kaepernick, if he wins the fan vote. It would certainly make the Pro Bowl a lot more interesting than usual.

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