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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Casts a Season 2 Teaser For Netflix

By the Dark Soul, here comes season 2

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Oh my Dark Lord! We can’t believe that out favourite witch from Greendale is coming back to Netflix. The teaser trailer for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has released. The release date for the show was also revealed at the end of the trailer.

Teaser Trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Oh my! Cherry Pie! The new teaser trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina was released. Sabrina Spellman is heading back to Netflix.

The Juicy Details from the Teaser

Everyone should learn how to make a teaser from this new teaser of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. There is drama, mystery, romance, seduction, jealousy and of course, magic.

The teaser opens with a tribute to the Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In Season 2 of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina , Kiernan Shipka embodies Melissa Joan Hart is a twirling outfit change. She finally settles on a black outfit. She tells Aunt Zelda that it’s new year when she accuses her of trying to ‘be edgy’.

Transition into hot entanglements between the Spellman girl and Nicholas Scratch. While they dance around in the midst of a shirtless mosh pit. Madam Satan doesn’t look like she’s happy.

Harvey Kinkle may be developing feelings for Roz. We see them getting closer in the school hallway. There is some Little Red Riding Hood-esque wolf hunting, crow chasing, magical rituals, blood soaked mops and a new look for aunt Hilda. To top it all off, Sabrina is on the verge of the dark side. We all remember that Sabrina signed her name in the Book of the Beast. Satan is still pushing her to the dark side.

After the Solstice

What we can get from the teaser is that it will continue from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Winter Holiday Special. The Spellmans will be celebrating the Winter Solstice in this holiday special.

Releasing on Netflix

The teaser trailer also revealed the release date for the season 2 of the show. The show will be releasing on Netflix on April 5th, 2019. Netflix confirmed that the Part 2 of the show will have 9 episodes. Added with the Winter Holiday Special episode, it will add up to the traditional ten episodes for season 2. The original cast including Kiernan Shipka, Ross Lynch, Lucy Davis, Miranda Otto, Michelle Gomez, Chance Perdomo, Gavin Leatherwood will be starring in the season 2 of the show.

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