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Miley Cyrus Honors Colin Kaepernick in ‘Nothing Breaks Like a Heart’

Things Just Got Political Up in Here

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Miley Cyrus certainly took quite a break from music and left fans helplessly waiting for her to release music again. Those teasers just increased everyone’s anticipation of Miley Cyrus’ new song “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”. It’s a collaboration with DJ Mark Ronson. The song itself is a masterpiece, adding just the right flair of electronic music with the natural country pop style of Miley Cyrus. The chorus is catchy and will be gleefully etched onto your brain for days to come. But, as she has done before, Miley Cyrus went all out for this music video as well. It’s got political statements and controversial topics all in one. You see kids smiling while shooting guns, people going crazy over a Black Friday sale and priests shook in a strip club and Christian symbolism. Miley Cyrus adds in an iconic scene that perfectly honors Colin Kaepernick and all NFL players who protested against police brutality.

NFL Players Take the Knee in “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart”

This scene portrays the brave NFL players taking a knee in order to protest against police brutality against African-American people. Colin Kaepernick initiated this movement. He became a controversial figure after this incident. He was kicked out of NFL for the stand he took. But fortunately, people like Miley Cyrus are still offering their support for him. Rihanna cancelled the Super Bowl performance due to this; an act applauded by another politically active celebrity Amy Schumer. Adam Levine was confused on doing the Superbowl performance and Cardi B said she’ll only do it if Colin Kaepernick comes back to the NFL. All in all, Colin Kaepernick might have lost his NFL job but he earned a lot of respect from most of the people worldwide. Nike used him in their marketing campaign. And Mariah Carey hung out with him! Here’s what he’s doing now!

If you listen closely to the lyrics of “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” has lyrics that parallel the depth of the acts Colin Kaepernick did.

This world can hurt you
It cuts you deep and leaves a scar
Things fall apart, but nothing breaks like a heart
And nothing breaks like a heart

Miley Cyrus has made her fans proud once again. Honoring Colin Kaepernick was one of the many iconic moments in the music video of “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” is something that we can’t ever forget.

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