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Gabbie Hanna Too Seductive for a Company Selling Condoms?

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Celebrities and YouTubers often do brand deals and sponsorships with companies to make an extra buck. Getting social media influencers and celebrities to sponsor your company is a new trend in marketing that many utilize. It’s a symbiotic relationship for the most part, with both parties satisfied. Gabbie Hanna, known on YouTube as The Gabbie Show, landed herself a similar brand deal. But, for an unfortunate change of events, she lost it. The company sells condoms and lube, as told by the Youtuber. And their reason for ending the brand deal was an ironic one, to say the least.

Gabbie Hanna Apparently Too Seductive…

The reason the company gave to her was that the Instagram posts Gabbie Hanna gives is too seductive.

The seductive nature of her aesthetically pleasing pictures is a theme this company surely does not want to associate itself with. They were probably referring to the following Instagram posts of Gabbie Hanna:

Gabbie Hanna or The Gabbie Show even throws shade at probably the same company.

Oh the Irony…

I for one am completely confused as to why a company that literally sells products to be used in acts of a sexual nature would not want their brand to have a seductive theme. It would actually make perfect sense for the two to be together. The company selling condoms and lube probably have advertisements that don’t show nuns clad in faithful clothes. If it does, then that would certainly be one of the craziest marketing stunts in history. It would even surpass the marketing genius of Nike when they used Colin Kaepernick. But it seems like the marketing department of this company selling condoms aren’t well-versed in the goals of their company.

Why Does Gabbie Hanna Being Seductive Even Cause a Problem?

There’s no denying that Gabbie Hanna’s posts aren’t always innocent but if they’re a little seductive, why does any company have an issue with that. If the brand they’re selling is of a conservative nature then that makes sense but normal companies usually don’t mind if your personal Instagram posts aren’t showing you in fully covered clothes.

Like companies, YouTubers and social media influencers have their own brands. Similarly, The Gabbie Show is a brand where one woman has talked about her whole life in front of a camera. She’s an open book to her audience and that’s why they love her so much. When fans of Gabbie Hanna see her talking about how she overcome her insecurities of hating her body and then show evidence for it in the forms of some “seductive” pictures, then it’s just her brand she’s staying true to. So, it shouldn’t really be a problem for any company. Plus, we live in 2018, most of us have moved past this traditional thinking, irregardless of the fact of us being a company selling condoms.

Hopefully, Gabbie Hanna finds a better and suitable brand deal than this!

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