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Jameela Jamil and Garrett Watts Endearing Moment On Instagram

While Jameela Jamil Slams Cardi B for Detox Advertisement!

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Radio and television presenter Jameela Jamil has always been popular for her vocal opinion on body shaming. Previously, she schooled a man publicly at her gym who tried to body shame her. But that’s not just it. The Good Place actress started her #IWeigh campaign to encourage young girls to be careful when taking extreme measures just to acquire the perfect body image set by society. Now that celebrities like Cardi B have been promoting detox products through online advertisements, Jameela Jamil lashed out. As she used her Instagram to educate people about what detox products really are, she had an endearing moment with Garrets Watts. As the YouTube star thanked Jameela Jamil under comments, she appreciated him publicly. But there is definitely nothing going on between the two, right?

Jameela Jamil Slams Cardi B For Detox Products Advertisement

Jameela Jamil took to Instagram to vent her feelings for Cardi B and her promotion of detox products. While posting screenshots of such advertisements including Cardi B’s post, Jameela wrote that she was sick of all these lies. And claimed that after listening to these irresponsible celebrities, she herself bought detox products. But instead of helping, all this stuff messed up her metabolism and digestive system, and even her fertility. In fact, she became obsessed with dieting, refused to eat a meal and became mentally ill. She urged her audience to unfollow people who suggest items that make them feel bad about themselves.

Along with a tweet of the same screenshots, Jameela Jamil asked these celebrities who promoted detox products to share their discount codes to nutritionists, personal chefs, trainers and plastic surgeons as well.

Jameela Jamil also made an Instagram video pretending to be sipping on supposedly a detox drink. And reflected on all the different kinds of damages it caused to your digestive system, making your life miserable. She captioned the video that this is what these celebrities like Cardi B would be narrating about detox products if they were actually being honest.

Garrett Watts Posts Cute Comment Under Jameela Jamil’s Post

Under the same post that Jameela Jamil presented the true picture of detox products, Garrett Watts dropped by for a comment. He made an endearing comment thanking Jameela Jamil (maybe for her honesty with the audience on these detox products or for bringing out this valuable message). But there’s more to the story- he warned all tea peddlers to look out. And he even mentioned that by tea, he was referring to snake oil. Jameela Jamil replied to this comment by Garrett Watts adding that he was totally a gem.

Apart from this, let’s just say that this is not the first time that Garrett Watts appreciated Jamil’s efforts of promoting a positive body image. In a recent tweet, he gave her a shout out on Twitter for being his favorite voice on social media who relentlessly promotes positive body images and good ideas. He added that she was the Wonder Woman of social media. And she could destroy anybody who wishes to impose more beauty standards on women.

We wholeheartedly agree with Garrett Watts, don’t we?

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