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Why Tommy Lee Suddenly Hates Travis Scott and Astroworld

This might make you reconsider your love for Astroworld!

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We are quite used to seeing celebrities having beef with one another. But Travis Scott seems to be extremely fond of it. Everybody from Nicki Minaj to Tyga have been on his list of feuds. And Tommy Lee is the latest addition to it. Lee just majorly dissed Travis Scott on ripping off his ideas in Astroworld. Tommy Lee gave evidence of how the setup and even the tour are just copies of his previous ideas. Although Astroworld received major fame, Lee is not the only person having an issue with it. Previously, Nicki Minaj blamed Travis Scott for using Kylie Jenner to take Astroworld to number 1 on the charts. And now Lee has come forward with plagiarism allegations. Will fans still love Travis and his Astroworld the same?

Tommy Lee Accuses Travis Scott Of Plagiarism With Astroworld

Tommy Lee took to Instagram to vent his frustration against Travis Scott. Well, not just the rapper but specifically his Astroworld tour which is described as a straight rip off of his idea. Lee particularly targeted the moment where Travis Scott rolls through on a slow-rolling but functional roller coaster. Needless to say, Tommy Lee is more than just displeased. While voicing his opinion of Travis Scott, the musician called him a ‘fu*king idiot’. Not only that, but Lee is courageous enough to tag Scott’s Instagram ID in his post to make sure that the Astroworld rapper gets to see it.

According to Lee’s post, Astroworld was plagiarized with elements from his 360 and The Cruecifly. He provided evidence to support his allegations and shared footage of his own tour when he played an admittedly badass upside-down drum solo. So, basically, Travis Scott performed the same stunt today without the drum solo.

But it just does not end here. In a followup Instagram post, Lee provided more evidence on Travis’ roller-coaster stunt which was a lot similar to his moves from Cruecifly. Along with it, he wrote that copying was flattering. But this Astroworld tour was a straight rip off of not just one, but two of his ideas.

Although Lee has provided flat evidence, fans are still not ready to completely buy the idea that Astroworld is a rip off. Many people commented on Tommy Lee’s post- a few pointed out how Lee himself had ripped off somebody else’s idea. But others believed that he was mad just because Travis Scott did it better.

Did Scott copy Lee’s ideas or just took inspiration is still something to be settled.

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