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Jodie Comer Can’t Believe Kiera Knightley Jealous over Villanelle Part in Killing Eve

Jodie Comer reacts to Kiera Knightley's comments that she is jealous about not getting to play Villanelle in Killing Eve

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Killing Eve has become the most unexpected yet delightful TV sensations of the year 2018. The show featured stellar performances. It took us around the world. And earned Emmy nod for lead Sandra Oh. To the fans’ delight, the second season of the show has been announced already. People are still discovering the show and the amazing performance of the stunningly talented Jodie Comer as Villanelle.

Kiera Knightley Watches Killing Eve

One of the people who binge watched the eight episodes of Killing Eve was Kiera Knightley. The Oscar winning actress, Kiera Knightley was all praises about the show. Killing Eve News, the Twitter page for the show posted Kiera’s praise for the show. And also her high praises for Jodie Comer who played Villanelle.

Kiera Knightley stated that she was ‘jealous’ for not getting to play the part of Villanelle. She was all praises for Jodie Comer’s performance in the role. She said that Jodie killed it. It was Villanelle’s psychopathic tendencies that fascinated Kiera. Kiera Knightley especially referred to a scene in the third episode of the show, “Don’t I Know You?”. After luring Eve and her associate Bill Pargrave to Berlin. She is spotted by Bill who follows her into a nightclub. However, he finds out that she has led him in a trap. She turns on him and stabs him repeatedly to death. Kiera mentioned that the scene is ‘totally stuck’ in her head.

Jodie Comer Can’t Believe it

While we are all relating to Kiera’s reaction, there is one who can’t. Killing Eve News tagged Jodie Comer while posting Kiera’s reaction. Jodie retweeted it on her page with a single statement,

We feel you Jodie. Jodie Comer might be having a fan girl moment and a humble actress at the same time. She is either stunned or doesn’t believe that one of the most successful British actresses is praising her performance. Even though she totally deserves it. It’s amazing to see women supporting women in Hollywood.

You Can Watch Killing Eve

With all the hype, you know you want to watch this show already or again. A lot of people in the US did not get to watch the show. It aired on cable channel BBC America this spring. However, BBC America is a semi-obscure channel not many have. The first season of Killing Eve was available to stream for an additional fee on Amazon and iTunes. Cable subscribers could watch it on parent company AMC’s apps. Pretty soon you can watch it on Hulu. The streaming network confirmed that the first season of Killing Eve will be aired on Hulu on December 1st. In the meanwhile, you can all watch the trailer.

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  1. Ricky says

    Kiera Knightley, she not good enough actress to play Villanelle..

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