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CM Punk Blows Off Idea Of Fighting Logan Paul

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The controversial YouTube star Logan Paul floated the idea of an MMA fight between him and CM Punk earlier this summer. But recently, the former WWE champion made it clear that he does not want to be a part of it. In fact, in his recent interview he completely denied knowing who Logan Paul actually is despite his obvious YouTube fame. Despite having so fighting background, Paul has displayed an interest in getting a UFC opportunity. But it’s evident that this interest has always been one sided. And that CM Punk is probably not even aware of Logan Paul’s intentions. Although personally, we don’t think Logan Paul would stand even the slightest chance against CM Punk if they let a UFC fight happen between the two.

CM Punk Refuses To Fight Logan Paul

Despite having no legitimate experience in fighting, it seems like Logan Paul is just too fond of it. And maybe that’s why he has been too vocal about a UFC opportunity. But just the idea of Logan Paul being in an actual competition made the UFC President Dana White react saying,

That guy would get murdered here. He would get hurt badly. Hurt badly. If I ever let him fight in the UFC, I should be arrested.

Even that did not put off Paul. Instead, he gave life to the idea of Paul Vs. Punk by presenting his logic further. He suggested that the president should stop pretending that they do these fights for the sake of sports. But in fact, these were just for the paychecks. Logan Paul insisted that they should let CM Punk fight him so that they can see what he is capable of.

However, this interest in the fight has always been one-sided. In an interview with Mark Raimondi, CM Punk was asked if he had any interest in this fight. And his answer was definitely not favorable for the controversial YouTube star’s ego. He said that he was definitely not fighting Logan Paul. And that even if Paul is a popular guy, probably not in the avenue that CM Punk is familiar with.

Punk’s future in sports is still uncertain. After some ugly UFC losses, he is probably done with his career in the company. Although the wrestling world is still wanting him back in the ring, CM Punk stands firm on his decision that he is done with sports.

Let’s see if Logan Paul can get him to enter the ring again!

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