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What Can we Expect from Nightflyers?

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This holiday season is packed with great television delights as a lot many incredible shows are returning. A huge batch of cable premieres and steaming debuts is on the way. But something that is a must-watch for any good show hunter is Nightflyers. Based on a novella by George R.R Martin, Nightflyers hits television on 2nd December on cable network SYFY. Although there is still some time before the show premieres, you can still feast on the first five terrifying moments into the series that the trailer gives out. Angus Sampson, Gretchen Mol, and David Ajala collaborated for this much hyped project. But this George R.R Martin series is feared to be forgotten by the audience soon. Although that might become hard if the entire season continues the same intensity as the trailer. But it’s probably too soon to decide on that.

The Plot of ‘Nightflyers’

Nightflyers is the latest project to come from George R.R Martin. And is especially hyped considering the fame and success of his Game of Thrones series. Undoubtedly, it might be the author’s name contributing to so much excitement and thrill for this show.

Nightflyers which comes out on December 2nd already has a trailer. And the first five minutes into the series look as intense as they could possibly be. So, if the producers or television critics are worried that people might forget about the show soon, let’s assure them that if the show is as wild as the trailer, the chances are rare. The genre mashup begins as Dr. Agatha Matheson played by Gretchen Mol is on the run from the deranged Rowan played by Angus Sampson. But together with this, Agatha is also trying to destroy some biological specimens. And also, warn others to not board the soon-to-be derelict spacecraft.

The trailer is not just fairly dramatic but also adds a mystery element as Gretchen Mol tries to dissuade others from boarding the craft. So probably this show has all the characteristics that makes it perfect for a binge-watch series this holiday season.

The haunted spaceship novella from George R.R Martin is getting explored on television screens almost 40 years after its publication. In 1981, Nightflyers was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novella. Although it did not win, it did win the Locus Award. But whether or not it will secure some awards as a television show is something to be settled soon on December 2nd.

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