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Users React Hilariously to Reddit Crashing

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Reddit is the last social media platform you expect to crash. But yesterday songs on left heavily disappointed with the apparent bugs in the website. The news of Reddit being down the social media platforms by storm and users complained about slow speed, connectivity errors, and loading errors. Reddit is one of the top 30 online sites with the biggest internet traffic and web more than 1.5 in page views per month every instance of an activity costed the website a loss of thousands of dollars. Users making attempts to access the site at around 10:30am GMT (5:30am EST, 2:30am PST) on Monday, November 26th could not breaking. They received an error message that suggested there had been an issue with the servers.

Reddit Users React Hilariously To Site Being Down All Of A Sudden

The site resumed normal function after only 15 minutes of being inactive. The errors were mainly experience in US Europe and Australia. In some geographical locations; however, people reported normal functionality during the time reddit crashed down. This sudden breakdown of the website entailed a colossal number of ironic, satirical, and chucklesome responses from Reddit users and the general public.

“When I wanna use Instagram, it goes down. when I wanna use reddit, it goes down,” @jchrstinayolo.

Reddit Says That It Is Fixing The Problem

Reddit’s disappearance from the internet landscape created and immediate try among it managers worldwide who panic at the possible legal trouble the site may have landed into. The website; however, was quick to take notice of the large public outcry it on Twitter to post that they have been server issues and the world looking into the problem.

Is The Site Still Down

Reddit has been constantly updating its uses about the development of the error. It recently announced that the it has fixed the error. Moreover, it has also implemented a new solution and it’s now running a test to investigate if problems can arise in the future. In the comments section of its tweet, people still report that this site is not accessible in New York. The servers are also down in a few areas in Australia. Reddit is a home to the dankest memes on the internet. And with the sudden crash, people are outrageously calling out to give them back their oxygen.

The reasons behind this crashing of the website remain obscure. But we’ll keep you updated!

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