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Julia Roberts Explains Why She Hasn’t Made A RomCom In Years

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Julia Roberts, the American actress, has always been a famous face of Hollywood. Some of her major iconic works include ‘Eat Pray Love’. ‘My Best friend’s Wedding’, ‘Runaway Bride’ and many more. Roberts has worked in multiple genre films from thriller to Romcom. This legendary star has received Golden Globe, Oscars, BAFTA, Critics Choice Awards, and many more. Moreover, she has also done TV shows, action films, and many cameos. She has blossomed in every genre she stepped foot in. However, it has been a long time since we have spotted Julia Roberts flaunting her talents in a Romcom. And Julia has her reasons explaining why she has distanced herself from taking projects of Romcom.

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Julia Roberts Says She Will Do Romcom if it is Good

Roberts recently did an interview with The New York Times Magazine. She told the interviewer that she had not considered doing any Romcom because the projects are not good enough. She stated:

If I had read something that I thought was ‘Notting Hill’ level of writing or ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ level of madcap fun, I would do it. They did not exist until this movie that I just did (Ticket to Paradise) that OI Parker wrote and directed.

Julia Stated Family As One of the Reasons For Not Doing Romcom

Julia Roberts told The New York Times Magazine:

I also had three kids in the last 18 years. That raises the bar even more because then it’s not only “Is this material good?” It’s also the math equation of my husband’s work schedule and the kids’ school schedule and summer vacation. Its not just ‘Oh, I think I want to do this.’ I have a sense of great pride in being home with my family and considering myself a homemaker.

Furthermore, Roberts highlighted that she prefers showing her kids a new side of creativity. She said:

There’s a sense of responsibility for showing my children that I can be creative and that it’s meaningful to me-so meaningful that for periods of time I will choose to focus on that almost more than my family, which has been hard for me to come to terms with.

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