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Why Maisie Williams Resented Being on Game Of Thrones As She Grew Older

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English actress, Maisie Williams is best known all around the world for her lead character Arya Stark in the hit show ‘Game of Thrones’. The show provided all its characters with an insane amount of fame and recognition as it was watched by millions of fans. Despite the show helping Maisie to get international fame, she, unfortunately, does not have all good memories attached to it. It was definitely something that shaped her career. It also opened many doors of success for Williams but the character of Arya affected her mental health. She does not love to look back on it with adoration even if she wants to.

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Maisie Williams Says She Hated Arya Because She Could Not Express Herself

The character of ‘Arya’ by Maisie Williams in Game of Thrones portrayed a tomboy character. She had to play the character for all 8 seasons and she had been doing it since she was 12 years old. As she grew, her body shape changed. She was turning from a teenager to a woman and the changes were bound to show up. However, she had to hide her identity and she found it complex to identify with her personal growth. In an interview with GQ UK, she said:

I think that when I started becoming a woman, I resented Arya because I couldn’t express who I was becoming. And then I also resented my body, because it wasn’t aligned with the piece of me that the world celebrated.

Williams Suffered With Her Body Image Due To Her Role As Arya Stark

Maisie Williams had expressed before that the character of Arya made her resent how she looked. However, after the show, she was relieved since she could finally breathe freely in femininity and embrace it without hiding herself. In 2019, in an interview with Vogue, she said:

Around season 2 or 3 my body started to mature and I started to become a woman. But Arya was still very much trying to be disguised as a boy. I had very short hair and they’d constantly cover me in dirt and shade my nose so it looked really broad and manly.

They’d also put this strap across my chest to flatten my growth that had started, I don’t know that just felt horrible for six months of a year.

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