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Joe Rogan Is Curious About Elon Musk Recent Twitter Investment For This Reason!

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CEO of Tesla and Space X, Elon Musk, has made an investment of 3 billion into the social media app Twitter by taking a 9% of stake with the firm. Apparently, Musk is looking forward to bring an edit button to the Twitter community. For years, Twitter users have been asking for this one feature but it has never been updated. However, with Musk in action, it seems to come sooner than we can think. By buying a certain amount of shares, Musk will have some control over Twitter. But no one knows how much of the control which is why everyone’s bubbling with curiosity including American commentator Joe Rogan.

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Joe Rogan Vs Elon Musk

Last week, on the Powerful JRE YouTube channel, Joe Rogan expressed his curiosity regarding Elon Musk’s investing in Twitter. Throughout the podcast, Rogan can be heard calling Elon musk a ‘wizard’. He went ahead and stressed on the influence he will now have on Twitter and of course the ‘Edit Button’. He stated:

I’m interested to see because I hear they’re going to put an edit button in now, that was one of the things he suggested.

Edit Button has been a wish of many. Apparently, it is thought that this feature can help prevent misinformation from spreading. However, there’s always another side. Many users do not want this feature but Musk wants to introduce it anyway.

Joe Rogan Discussing Musk’s Investment

Joe Rogan wants to know how much influence Elon Musk will have after being the biggest stakeholder for Twitter. He said in the podcast:

If he’s actually listened to, and I don’t know how much power a person who is worth nine percent has over a company, but do they have to listen to him? Do they have to listen to him in terms of like whether they want to ban people, whether they want to have an edit button.

Joe talked about Twitter banning accounts of horrible people who spread negativity, harass people and spread misinformation. Furthermore, he also mentions how it is not a good idea to ban people too. Towards the end, he expresses that he did not like or understood why Twitter banned the former president of the United States of America.

I don’t think twitter should have banned trump…its a terrible precedent to set that you didn’t like a guy…kick him out of the platform because you don’t like the things he’s saying.

Clearly, Joe has issues with the Twitter app and is hoping for his friend Elon Musk to be the light for him and solve his issues with the app since he is now the biggest stakeholder.

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