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Keemstar Thinks Jake Paul Uncut Is Too Sugar Coated

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Dankanator exclusively reported about Jake Paul’s new uncut series, where he promised to reveal a raw footage of his life. Paul recently answered fan queries about the videos on his twitter account. And now, in a latest development YouTuber Keemstar us taking a dig at what Paul calls ‘An unbiased account of his life’. Keemstar called the video ‘sugar coated’. Keemstar reacted to the video and even compared to a documentary series Shane Dawson released about Jake Paul earlier this year. Jake Paul premiered the first episode of Jake Paul uncut on November 25th. The video contains startling revelations about his relationship and breakup with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell.

Keemstar Calls Jake Paul Uncut “Sugarcoated”

“I’m not gonna lie, it’s okay. It’s not bad. …I don’t know if it’s good, though. It’s still sugar-coated. Like the Shane Dawson documentary series, it’s still sugar-coated. You know the cameras are on, it’s not the real Jake Paul. Jake, if you wanna knock this out of the park… you gotta show your worst moments. You being a psychopath is entertainment. That’s what everyone’s tuning in to see.”

Jake Paul Talks About Relationship With Keemstar In Jake Paul Uncut

While Keemstar confessed that uncut video was not in any way bad, he did question the credibility and rawness of the footage. Keemstar explained his point of you by stating that in front of the camera everyone behaves fake. If the objective is to show the world an honest vista, it is vital to display your worst moments. Jake Paul Uncut also contains a segment where Paul talks about his relationship with Keemstar. Paul, in the video, gives specific attention to the event where Paul blocked Keemstar on Twitter.

Jake Paul And Keemstar Buried The Hatchet After Shane Dawson’s The Mind Of Jake Paul

After Shane Dawson documentary series, there were allegations that Keemstar had pleaded Jake Paul, via text, to unblock him. There he had also confirmed that he liked Jake Paul but felt too vulnerable to confess. Paul subsequently unblocked Keemstar putting an end to their feud.

Jake Paul Uncut Reveals About His Breakup With Erika Costell

Jake Paul uncut Season 1 Episode 1 talks about his breakup with Erika Costell. In the video, Jake Paul and his associates describe the relationship as being toxic. The release of the video happened only after Erika Costell give in her consent for the series. The 30 minute long video is available to stream on Jake Paul’s YouTube channel.

Here’s how fans reacted to the Jake Paul Uncut series.

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