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Mixed reactions of Fans to Jake Paul Uncut Series

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The controversial YouTube star Jake Paul has announced a new uncut series after the phenomenal success of Shane Dawson documentary. This new unscripted content will provide a raw look into his everyday life. But despite whatever you might have heard or seen about it, this is going to be a bit of a surprise. Although the uncut series is said to be unscripted, the trailer is full of all possible drama. And once it premieres on 25th November, fans can see how intensely dramatic Jake Paul chooses to be. However, despite Jake’s expectations, not everybody is pleased. Fans have mixed reactions varying from excitement to amusement over this uncalled and unasked look into Jake Paul’s controversially melodramatic life.

Jake Paul’s Uncut Series Premiered on November 25th

The new uncut series by Jake Paul follows the success and popularity of the Shane Dawson documentary on the controversial internet star. The series premiered on November 25th, and provided an unscripted and unedited raw look into his life. Jake Paul claims that he is nervous to present all truths and hidden information about his life to the public. But he believes this is the only way that he can express himself as who he is. He further added that he does not know how people will react to it. But he knows that this is something they need to see as it will help them with their problems and depression as well.

However, let’s just warn all viewers that despite his claims of it being unedited and unscripted, the typical Jake Paul drama is inherent in the series. The trailer with its intense music and melodramatic crying as Jake talks about his breakup with Erika Costell has made it evident.

How Are Fans Reacting?

Jake Paul made the announcement official on Twitter revealing details of his new uncut series.

And his tweet was met with a huge variety of reactions from fans. Some were terribly excited and thrilled to have a new Jake Paul Uncut series. Some expressed that this was majorly everything that they ever wanted. But others were less amused and believed that this is again an attention seeking stunt by the star. And that he was using the series to gain support over his split with Erika Costell. Some people hoped that this uncut series wouldn’t soon turn into a regular drama.

Well, fans asked Jake to get back with Erika. But he’s too busy with the uncut series probably!

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