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Jake Paul Uncut Series: Scripted or Not?

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Of course, we couldn’t go a few more days without having another headline without the Paul brothers. A month ago, Shane Dawson gave us an eight part series on Jake Paul, showcasing his real side. After which it seemed like he’d change the Team 10 house, but it seems that the only difference was his breakup with Erika Costell and his new Jake Paul Uncut series where the vlogger vows to show the real Jake Paul. Now, since it’s out we can’t help but question the authenticity of someone who is known to show an exaggerated version of himself. People still think that Jake Paul manipulated Shane Dawson into thinking he was just a victim of his circumstances.

Jake Paul has about 17 million subscribers and he released a trailer week ago about his new Jake Paul Uncut Series,

‘Nothing hidden, truths told, unscripted content you’ve never seen before…. & I’m really nervous to be putting my life out to the public with this much exposure, but I feel as if it’s the only way I can express myself, who i am, and what i wanna do,’

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First Video Tackles Erika Costell and Jake Paul’s Break-up

The first video is titled “Here’s Why Erika and I Broke Up”. As the name suggests, the famous vlogger gave us a deeper look into why his relationship with Erika Costell ended. Initially, Jake Paul vowed to be authentic and unfiltered in his videos. Undoubtedly, that’s exactly what he did. We saw an emotionally distraught Jake looking at Erika’s texts in dismay while he was having singing lessons. Then, another scene cut in highlighting the fact that people seem to think that Erika Costell was the only good thing in his life. Though, Jake gives a lot of credit to his ex-girlfriend for helping him process emotions and giving him a lot of happiness, he thinks Erika wasn’t the only thing.

Jake Paul disclosed the fact that it was possible that the two loved each other too much. The love intensified to a point where the two became toxic for each other. The toxicity culminated to a dark place either of the two would have their whole days ruined just because of what the other had said.

“We just knew too much about each other”.

Jake’s Reaction Post Break-up

Jake Paul, perhaps showed his true side when he uttered the following words:

“I never had feelings and emotions for anyone else before Erika, I don’t know how to fucking handle it.”

Jake’s mom also chimed in saying that one thing she was definitely sure of was the fact that Jake Paul and Erika Costell shared a sincere love and care for one another.

The YouTuber stated in the Jake Paul Uncut series that he and Erika Costell had broken up like 5 times before this point. But the YouTuber seemed to think that the two just need a break from each other for a month and then everything would settle down. But, it was wishful thinking. Even Jake knew deep down that it was best if they both move on with their lives without each other.

The actual break-up occurred when they were shooting for Justin Roberts’ Work in progress movie where they are going to show their side of what happened to the previous Team 10.

What Else Did Jake Paul Explore

Jake Paul explored other topics such as how his clothing brand R.N.B.O is slacking off. And how he needs an alternative for manufacturing his merch. He also displayed a text conversation he had with Shane Dawson, who primarily inspired him to do the Jake Paul Uncut Series, where it was revealed that Keemstar wants Jake to unblock him.

And Keemstar thinks the series was too sugarcoated.

A touching story of Jake’s fan Isabel who had cancer was discussed. Using it, the YouTuber clarified why this is the reason he makes YouTube videos. It’s to make someone smile and laugh or just to forget about life because life is hard.

So, the entire Jake Paul Uncut Series doesn’t seem scripted. It feels authentic and genuine. But one important thing to note is that he didn’t mention Nikki Banner. Nikki was a girl he slept with right after he broke up with Erika Costell. Maybe he’ll talk about that in episode 2 which is to come out next Sunday.

What do you guys think? Is Jake Paul finally telling the truth?

Here are the mixed reactions of the fans on the series.

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