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Why John Cho Almost Didn’t Do the Thriller Movie ‘Searching’

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We’ve had our fair share of thriller movies in the Hollywood industry but latest one in the genre is sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. Searching is not only unique in the appalling twists it takes but the movie stands out due to its cinematography. The emotional narrative is laid out to the audience through a myriad of computer screens. It follows the story of a father who is searching for his missing daughter using her laptop and online media presence. This was certainly a serious role of John Cho that he normally doesn’t do. But is that the reason why John Cho said no to Searching when it was first offered to him?

John Cho Wasn’t Sure the Cinematography Would Cut It

The actor stated in a GQ interview that a thriller movie piqued his interest but he wasn’t too sure about how it would be filmed. The unconventional style was something he wasn’t familiar with or understood. John was afraid Searching wouldn’t be able to form into something that the director had imagined.

I just miss the thriller genre…I really grew up on those and miss them. So, that excited me. But the concept of shooting on devices was a turn off. Or rather so foreign I didn’t know whether I wanted to be involved in it. I had a phone call with Aneesh [Chaganty], the director/writer, and I did say “no.” I just didn’t feel like we could get there.

How Director Aneesh Chaganty Convinced John Cho

Undoubtedly, the vision Aneesh Chaganty had for the movie was so clear that it removed any worries John Cho had. The director and writer of the movie came back to him and convinced him that they would pull it off, it wasn’t going to be just a “YouTube video”. John also voiced how much he liked Aneesh. The actor was just absolutely on board with the project once the two met in person.

But then he came back at me, and we met, and I was really impressed with him after meeting him in person. He brought all these ideas on his laptop, and was showing me what he planned, and I thought let’s take the jump. I liked him so much.

Aneesh Chaganty Really Wanted John Cho in Searching

Aneesh Chaganty Really Wanted John Cho in Searching

In an interview with Golden Globes, Aneesh opened up about how they did everything they could to get John Cho to be in Searching. Though, if it weren’t for this Asian American actor, it would have been another minority family. But with gleaming eyes, Aneesh uttered,

“It was John, it was always going to be John”

Considering the fact that Aneesh made a special effort to convince John Cho to do Searching is a testament of how much the director really wanted him. Plus, with John’s impeccable acting portrayed in this unconventional movie means we should be grateful for Aneesh Chaganty’s efforts.

The movie Searching released in cinemas on August 24th of this year. It stars John Cho as father David Kim of 16 -year-old daughter Margot who is played by Michelle La. Debra Messing also stars as Detective Vick.

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