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THTH’s Harry Johnson & Harry Jowsey Joke About Doing a Dirty Show!

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The winner of season 3 of “Too Hot To Handle”, Harry Johnson has developed a quite interesting friendship with Harry Jowsey who is one of the winners of season 1 of “Too Hot To Handle”. These popular media personalities have caught attention of fans quite few times. Jowsey and Johnson have uploaded videos on Instagram where they can be seeing hanging out and having fun. Moreover, the duo also took over TikTok and joked about their similar names. Additionally, in an Instagram video, both stars mocked haters who criticized them. Currently, Jowsey and Johnson were on a podcast together.

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Harry Jowsey Invited Harry Johnson to His Podcast

Recently, Jowsey invited his friends Johnson on his YouTube Podcast “UNTOLD FILMING STORIES w/ Harry Johnson | Too Hot To Handle Uncut”. Both stars listed the similarities present in one another and joked about how they had the same name, both won the show and are also quite similar in real life. Moreover, the stars initiated a discussion where Johnson told the audience that he is from North East of England. Moving on, he was questioned about his job and he revealed that he was a “tree surgeon” and climbed trees. He explained his job, and both laughed about it considering the name. However, Johnson later explained that the people who do this particular job study, get qualified and are called “arborists”. Later on the podcast, Jowsey, his co-host and Johnson joked about jobs once again but this time about a show that demands contestants to do ‘dirty jobs’.

Johnson and Jowsey Are Thinking of Doing a Dirty Show

While on the podcast, Harry Jowsey, his co-host, and Johnson went on to talk about their jobs. Johnson claims that his job is not easy as people think and “you have to grind”. Furthermore, the trio discussed a new idea about doing “dirty jobs”. Jowsey explained that they can do a job where they have to clean a septic tank. His co-host says:

“Imagine like you get the call to be on like ‘Too Hot Too Handle’ or like ‘Love Island’ or whatever. You show up to the Island and they are like ‘Psych, you are on ‘Dirty Jobs’.”

Both stars laugh at the thought of such show happening. Then, the co-host draws another scenario.

“They’ll be like ‘I thought I was gonna drink and f*ck. But the producers will be like ‘No, you’ll be shoveling p*g sh*t.”

The trio laughed once again and they also seemed to agree on doing such a show. We never know, perhaps in future, something like this might happen.

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