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Harry Jowsey Reveals He Once Slept During S*x

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Oh well!! I guess by now we all know the Too Hot To Handle season 1 contestant & one of the winners, Harry Jowsey. The Australian Hottie kept on giving mini heart attacks to his fans throughout the show. Every time when he got closer to his fellow contestant Francesca Farago, fans knew he is going to lose money. Oh and sh*t lots of it. And by sh*t loads of it, we mean $32,000. All of the THTH viewers knew Harry Jowsey can keep everything in control, except his jet and feelings. We have also heard some very interesting facts about Harry’s fun-filled and very active s*x life. From l*cking as*holes to going down on girls who were on periods, Harry has done it all. He also mentioned in the Call Her Daddy podcast that he likes it rough and he also likes to be the dominant one in the relationship.*Yikes*

After getting fame from the THTH show, the Australian Hottie also joined OnlyF*ns. Where he managed to get a top earner award for making $500,000 in a month.

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Harry Jowsey Shares Some Interesting Facts About His S*x Life With Friends

Recently, The Too Hot To Handle star went on the ‘Put A Sock In It’ Podcast hosted by Noah Beck and Larray and there he revealed an interesting fact.

Apparently once, he slept during s*x. While talking to Noah Beck and Larray. Harry shared:

“I fell asleep during s*x. I was so drunk, so I passed out.”

Uhh!! Bro, are you kidding me? Anyways, let’s see how it happened:

“I was on top of her and I slept so she went on top of me”.

And we are not done yet. Harry Jowsey further revealed that while he himself was sound asleep, his systems were still awake and doing their thing. OMG!! Can you guys even imagine the level of excitement of Harry’s “THING”? It was so excited that it couldn’t even stop moving while Harry was sleeping.

Larray and Noah Beck were definitely shocked at this news (and so are we). More so, Harry further shared about that one time that he had s*x at a graveyard. And that he’s also done it at a cathedral.

If there’s anyone you would expect to have crazy stories about his s*x life, it’s definitely Harry Jowsey! So stay tuned to our website to get the latest scoop on Harry Jowsey’s crazy and exciting s*x life.

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