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Cancelled’s Brooke Schofield and Josh Richards Make Up After Initial Bad Encounter!

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Oh well!!“Josh Richards is so hot!” Yes, Brooke Schofield. Fans wholeheartedly agree with you on this. And that’s exactly what Tana Mongeau’s friend and co-host of the Cancelled podcast used to think. However, due to a recent encounter, Brooke has since taken her words back!

Brooke Schofield and Josh Richards
Brooke Schofield and Josh Richards. Source: Instagram – edited

Josh Richards, the very entertaining (and very hot, apparently) TikToker and co-host of the BFFs podcast, has a huge fan. Or, had a huge fan. And when Brooke Schofield ran into Josh Richards, things didn’t go great for either of them! Just a misunderstanding? Or an intentionally snide remark?

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The encounter

Now, the Cancelled podcast features friends Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield chatting. And the chatting tends to end up in gossiping. And we all love some good tea and coffee!

Tana Mongeau And Brooke Schofield Discussing Josh Richards On Cancelled

So, when Brooke revealed that she met Josh Richards, fans were sure it would be something adorable. Brooke does say a lot of great things about Josh on the podcast after all. And just a day before they met, Brooke had also said she thinks:

“Josh Richards is so hot! He looked so good that one night.”

However, much to the surprise of fans, the encounter was exactly the opposite! Brooke Schofield told Josh Richards that she is the biggest fan of the BFFs podcast. However, Josh replied:

“Not gonna lie, I have no f***in’ idea who you are.”

Ouch! Now, Brooke says she did not expect Josh to know her anyway, but she didn’t expect him to be that rude! And Tana Mongeau was equally stunned. And she asked Josh to talk about this on the BFFs Podcast so they can have his perspective too. Moreover, Brooke was still giving Josh the benefit of the doubt!

“Maybe he was, like, drunk or something.”

Tana Mongeau And Brooke Schofield Discussing Josh Richards On Cancelled

Bless her soul, she still sees the good in Josh! However, since she spoke so highly of Josh earlier on Cancelled, she later tweeted the very next day:

“I take my words back.”

So… Who is Brooke Schofield?

Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield
Tana Mongeau and Brooke Schofield. Source: Instagram

Now, she certainly doesn’t have the same level of fame as Tana Mongeau. However, Brooke Schofield co-hosts the Cancelled podcast with Tana. And with over 149k Instagram followers, she is an influencer as well. And she is also an actress, with her best role in the movie Leave Him in the Dust. But she didn’t see true fame until being friends with Tana Mongeau!

And despite Josh Richards breaking her heart by saying he doesn’t recognize her, it seems things didn’t escalate between him and Brooke. And the two did not speak about the encounter since the Cancelled episode for a while. While Josh and Tana are on good-ish terms, Brooke was maybe not so much in the mix.

Brooke Schofield and Josh Richards have made up!

Brooke and Josh have made up! And finally, we have the two podcasters being on good terms. While the first encounter was pretty embarrassing, especially for Brooke, things have taken a turn for the best. And going from “I have no idea who you are” to “I’m her biggest fan” is the best reconciliation ever! In a party, the two were hanging out having a great time. And Tana Mongeau and Bryce Hall were also present.

It seems Tana Mongeau had a big role to play for her friend Brooke Schofield and Josh Richards to be on good terms. Whatever the case, we’re so happy for Brooke that she has a new “biggest fan”!

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