Imagine Dragons' 'Bones' Music Review

Imagine Dragons’ ‘Bones’ Music Review

American Rock-Pop band, Imagine Dragons, has a new song in stores for their dedicated fans. The band consisting of Dan Reynolds as the main singer, Wayne Sermon as the guitarist, Ben Mckee as Bassist, and Daniel Platzman as the drummer have produced yet another banger. Grammy award-winning group of four released their single “Bones” from their forthcoming album Mercury-Act 2.

New song “Bones” from Imagine Dragons sheds light on Life and Death

The new song from the popular band has an up-tempo beat. It’s kind of a track that makes one dance and bop their head, simultaneously, making one think deeply about lyrics. The chorus has a fun and loud vibe, definitely the point in the song where fans will be screaming their lungs out with the band. Furthermore, the lyrics dive deep into the questions about death and life. The singer seems to be singing about playing with the reaper and death who is about to take his life as it goes.

“Wait until the reaper takes my life/

Never gonna get me out alive/

I will live a thousand million lives.”

Lyrics of “Bones” via Genius

Moreover, amidst all this, the voice of Dan Reynolds of “Imagine Dragons” goes deep and it has a bit melancholic and horror to it as he sings these lines.

“My Patience is waning/

Is this entertaining/

Our patience is waning/

Is this entertaining.”

Lyrics of “Bones” via Genius

This particular part seems to be questioning the death that if torturing humans is entertaining. Firstly, as one single person, he sings about patience waning away then as a mouthpiece for all the humans. The repetition creates a powerful effect for the listener. Additionally, the song forms a curiosity as if something significant is being asked and that one listening to it also wants an answer.

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The song “Bones” is brought to fans by mega minds in music industry

This track is produced by Swedish songwriting/production duo Mattman and Robin. They have also produced the previous song “Enemy” for the band. Moreover, the iconic Grammy winner Serban Ghenea who has also worked with Justin Bieber, Doja Cat, and many more, mixed the song “Bones”.

What best encapsulates the song is Reynolds’s words said in a press release:

“Bones is a reflection of constant obsession with the finality and fragility of life. I’m always in search of evidence that will convince me there’s much to come-that life is truly eternal in some sense.”

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