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Tana Mongeau Roasts Josh Richards About Him Cheating on Nessa Barrett

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Tana Mongeau always has something to say. And most often, her take on things leaves us in stitches. The influencer, content creator, and co-host of the Cancelled podcast made an appearance on The Roast of Bryce Hall. And her appearance definitely made an impact!

Tana Mongeau and Josh Richards
Tana Mongeau and Josh Richards. Source: Instagram

Taking inspiration from the hit Comedy Central shows where celebrities get together to roast each other, The Roast of Bryce Hall had a similar layout. While it was meant to be funny, some fans just couldn’t take the joke. It featured prominent content creators, including Bryce Hall, Zoe Gara, Tana Mongeau, Josh Richards, Olivia Jade, Noah Beck, and David Dobrik. The lineup was also going to include Jeff Wittek. However, he pulled out due to David Dobrik’s involvement with the show.

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What went down between Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett?

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett before they broke up
Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett before they broke up. Source: Instagram

Josh Richards and Nessa Barrett were a thing early last year. However, all that changed when Mads Lewis posted some infamous TikTok videos. And in them, she alleged that Nessa Barrett had cheated on Josh with Mads’s boyfriend, Jaden Hossler! Nessa denies the allegations still, but the damage was done. Josh and Nessa broke up, and their relationship has still not recovered since. Note also that Nessa hinted through now-deleted Tweets that it was Josh who had cheated on her!

And Tana Mongeau targeted exactly this piece of history between Josh and Nessa! However, she pulled an Uno reverse kinda situation for Josh. Read on to find out what Tana Mongeau had to say!

Tana Mongeau roasts Josh Richards

Source: Instagram

When Tana Mongeau was about to come up on stage, we all knew sparks would fly! And that’s exactly how it went down. Specifically, Tana Mongeau’s calling out of Josh Richards had fans stunned. Starting off roasting him, Tana said, “Who would have thought Josh Richards would have violated everybody?”

Continuing her roast, Tana Mongeau alleged that it was Josh who had cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Nessa Barrett. And that too with every popular girl on TikTok!

“Josh, you violated us almost as much you violated Nessa when you cheated on her with every girl on TikTok.”

She then moved on to roasting the other celebrity guests.

Did Josh really cheat on Nessa?

Tana Mongeau went straight to social media right after her piece to post a clarification:

Tana Mongeau clarifies Josh Richards's roast
Tana Mongeau clarifies Josh Richards’s roast. Source: Instagram

So Tana was quick to mention that none of her roasts should be taken seriously. But it does have fans convinced! A fan wrote, “bro but it’s pretty obvious that the man cheated, like, she only confirmed that with the ‘joke’.”

Tana certainly has fans divided! Did Josh cheat on Nessa? Or was it really just a joke? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

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