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Thomas Petrou Has Taken Over Hype House’s YouTube Account!

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So the TikTok Hype House is the latest reality show on the block. And Thomas Petrou, famous YouTuber, TikTok star, and creator of the show, has big aims for it:

Some Hype House residents
Some Hype House residents. Source: Instagram

“My whole goal with this house in the first place was, why can’t people who hit millions of other people be as famous as A-list celebrities?”

Thomas Petrou on creating Hype House

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Thomas Petrou introduced Hype House in December 2019. Funded by the resident creators posting on Hype House’s social media, the mansion is the longest-running one. And since then, it has housed some of TikTok’s biggest stars and content creators—at least temporarily. These include Nikita Dragun and the D’Amelio sisters among others. As a result, the collection of stars has given a lot of traction to the Hype House. So much so that Netflix has decided to make it a Netflix exclusive show!

Hype House official Netflix poster
Hype House official poster

Hype House is a Netflix show that follows the lives of several content creators living together. And the mansion that the show is shot in, is also called Hype House. The TikTok mansion has also run into some controversy! The mansion is shared by a lot of major content creators and is even responsible for introducing Charli d’Amelio. Moreover, the current residents are Thomas Petrou, Mia Hayward, Jake Hayward, Jack Wright, Vinnie Hacker, and Renata Ri.

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Thomas Petrou takes the reigns

Thomas Petrou takes over Hype House
Thomas Petrou takes over Hype House. Source: Screenshot

Founder of the Hype House, Thomas Petrou, has taken over the YouTube account! The TikTok star and content creator is set to be the latest celebrity to do so. And with the takeover, he will be able to post his content from the Hype House channel. As a result, he can bank on the Netflix show of the same name. The expositional Netflix show has failed to make the intended impact. And reviewers are calling the show “boring”. However, TikTok content isn’t to everyone’s taste. And with Thomas Petrou’s take on content, it could get a new life!

We’re excited to see the content that Thomas Petrou posts. His take on everyday things is always fresh and fun. And that’s exactly what we need!

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