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John Legend Defends Rita Ora Over Lip Sync Backlash at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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Rita Ora came under public scrutiny and criticism after her performance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The British singer was in attendance at the event. She was performing on the Fun House Float. With freezing temperatures and overwhelming crowds, the singer forgot her lyrics. She was supposed to be singing her new hit single, Let You Love Me.

Rita Ora gets the Backlash

Many people are excited about the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It is a fun-filled event. This year, Rita Ora decided to add in on the fun. She came from London to attend the event. Unluckily, the cold morning turned out to be more treacherous. As the new chord for the song began, Rita was looking around, expecting to catch on the song. She was just too late. The damage was done.

Twitter Backlash Over Rita Ora

One thing that we always have to remember. We’re living in a social media-led society. One comment can tell you if you have a success or a failure at hand. Rita has been dragged for her lack of vocals on the show. She seemed lost for a while and forgot her lyrics.

John Legend to the Rescue

Rita was yet to comment on the whole situation. However, John Legend was quick to defend her and every other performer at the parade. He mentioned in a tweet;

We can understand why John was concerned about parade incident. With a tour coming up, it was important to promote the tour. Moreover, it was also important to remind fans that he is live on his tour. He also assured fans that they will get an authentic voice if they come to his tour. His wife, Chrissy Tiegen supported his statement.

Rita Ora Gives Clarity

Rita Ora doted on John Legend’s tweet and used it to support her statement. She tweeted,

She was also quick to point out that she will be singing live on her tour. Other artists also sided with Ora to explain that Macy’s air balloons did not allow anyone to sing live. The noise of the balloons and the crowds’ noise are distraction enough to make anyone awkward. Rita is still taking it all in stride. She announced her album Phoenix had released in Australia. She will be taking some down time before starting the tour in Australia.

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