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Golden Globes 2019 Nominations Saturate Their Supporting Actors Category, Potential Nominees React

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This year’s Golden Globes have exactly bloated their supporting actors categories. Although we still find women and men on different sides of the block, Golden Globes make no distinction between drama, comedy, limited series and TV movies. For the 2019 awards, HFPA has ordered the categorization of actors as either leads or supporting cast members. It; however, refused to comment on why it wasn’t reassessing its categories. The supporting actors’ category at Golden Globes 2019 is more inclusive, yet less fair. The competition isn’t just tough, in fact, it is dead complicated.

The Golden Globe Supporting Actor Will Emerge As A  Real Winner Amid Golden Globes Nominations

Escape at Dannemora’s Eric Lange laments the inclusivity of the supporting category at Golden Globes 2019. But he also feels that at the end of the day, a performance is a performance. Voters will have to make tough decisions when choosing between their favorite entertainers from the Golden Globes 2019 nominations. But, one positive thing that this stuffing will ensue is that the winner will be more of an absolute winner.  Michael Kelly expects to land himself a Golden Globe Supporting Actor nomination for his part in Netflix’s House of Cards. According to him, the Golden Globes nominations have built themselves around the idea that every genre is challenging. What they fail to understand is, actors can mostly ace the genre they are accustomed to. You can, after all, not judge a fish by its ability to fly.

Golden Globes 2019 Nominations Need More Attention

Another potential Golden Globe Supporting Actor, Judith Light (American Crime Story, FX)  commented on the Golden Globes 2019 nominations. He said,

“I always think it is valuable to have something be focused because that calls the proper attention to it. When you lump everything together … there is so much choice. Limited [choice] makes it very specific and makes it easier for people to vote. … To me what is of great value, and what I would point to as great distinction, is we are now in a place where we can celebrate great distinction.”

Not Awards, But Good Shows Are The Real Prizes

HFPA has restricted recognition for several masterful performers and newcomers with its Golden Globes nominations. But for some actor, the critical acclaim of their shows was, is, and will be a greater gift than becoming a Golden Globe Supporting Actor. Michael Kelly says that on House of Cards, the narrative challenge was amply thrilling and terrifying. And he is more grateful for that than anything else. Blacklist fame Harry Lennix; however, put light on the importance of awards. For him, awards can do things for a person’s career that is hard to think of. Even though the Golden Globes 2019 nominations are evidently unfair, the eventual Golden Globes Supporting Actor will certainly land himself a distinctive seat after the awards.

But here are some of the Golden Globe 2019 nominations that will surely happen. Though, the Haunting of Hill House may be snubbed.

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