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Did PewDiePie Just Slam Superwoman?

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Recently, in PewDiePie’s video about Pew News, he tackles issues like the European Union possibly adding a law that will prohibit the freedom content creators have on YouTube. But he also talks about Superwoman taking a break from Youtube. Superwoman, whose real name is Lilly Singh, recently announced that she’s leaving because she wanted to focus on her mental health and get back into a creative flow. Though, it may seem that PewDiePie was implying that Superwoman was just making the announcement video to get some attention and money.

What PewDiePie Really Meant

Now, obviously, PewDiePie did take a direct hit at Superwoman and her intentions. He understands that every YouTuber needs to take a break and doesn’t dismiss the idea of caring for one’s own mental health. But the Swedish YouTuber said that Superwoman didn’t necessarily need to make a big deal out of it. He saw no need for it.

It’s annoying seeing seeing praise for taking a break, it’s going to be a trend further on I think since now this is approved clickbait by BBC news.

PewDiePie further elaborated on this idea that it would be better if the content creators just had other hobbies and their whole life wasn’t just YouTube.

If your whole life is on YouTube and if it doesn’t do as well as you’d have thought then you’d be be devastated.

Where PewDiePie Went Wrong

Despite PewDiePie having some solid points one can’t ignore, he was wrong on some. Firstly, Superwoman making her announcement wasn’t a way to stay relevant. PewDiePie himself said that even Lilly Singh knows that taking a break from the platform doesn’t mean people forget about you. He knows she’s aware of it. But he still thinks that Superwoman was doing it just to have people talking about her. Big news outlets covered this news and this was a way to get more attention, in PewDiePie’s eyes.

Lilly Singh almost has a whopping 14 million subscriber count and about 8 million followers on Instagram. She’s appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon twice, and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Lilly Singh on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

So, she’s quite a popular name that won’t easily die out. Certainly, that’s not her main anxiety when she took a break. She took it because she felt like she still has to give out videos to her followers every week. Lilly Singh adores her fans immensely. Consequently, she made an announcement video to clarify why they won’t be hearing from her because she didn’t want to disappoint anyone. There’s an established relationship between YouTubers and their audience. She just wanted to respect it.

Plus, PewDiePie do your research, the video Superwoman did not even monetize the announcement video.

As for the hobbies, PewDiePie was indeed talking in general about all YouTubers but he needs to take into account that Superwoman has a lot of hobbies.

Many Hobbies of Superwoman

Lilly Singh has been a hustler since Day 1 and her productivity spews out in all her videos and Instagram posts. She is a woman that’s working every single day to improve others’ lives and make the world a better place. Superwoman wrote two books How to Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life and Toxic Relationships: How to De-Tox from Negative People and Abusive Relationships that reaffirm her positive messages.

Her message has always endeavored to improve people around her life and the audience she’s gained from her YouTube channel.

A strong feminist, she’s never one to shy away from spreading that message.

She is a big champion of women’s rights and empowerment. Taking a trip to Africa, she explored the daily struggles of girls and launched a campaign to eradicate the poverty and illiteracy that young girls have to face in countries like Africa.

There’s an online shop where you can buy items and the donations will directly go to the cause of eradicating illiteracy.

And guess what? She’s also a UNICEF Ambassador that has spoken on important issues of education and children’s rights in the United Nations. She certainly believes that through enough hard work, we can create a better world by helping each other.

Not only that but she’s appeared in several big movies and TV shows in Hollywood such as Bad Moms and Ice Age: Collision Course. Superwoman will be starring in many more big projects in the future as well.

Lilly Singh even clarified that she needed the break in order to give full attention to her other business projects. So PewDiePie, it wasn’t a lack of other projects that made her want a break but rather of how the platform itself is so stressful. It’s even something that PewDiePie has mentioned in the past himself, saying that forced positivity is self-destructive for many content creators on the platform.


PewDiePie doesn’t seem to be throwing shade or hate toward Superwoman. But he could have used a better use of words to explain what he meant. Or just do more research. Recently, PewDiePie was on the news for making an insensitive joke against Demi Lovato regarding her drug addiction. He wasn’t dismissing the fact that she needed a break. But rather just misunderstood why she felt the need to make the announcement video.

And for those wondering how Superwoman is doing after her break?

And rejoice team super! Superwoman is back on YouTube for her annual 12 collabs of Christmas.

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