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Tayler Holder Reacts To Charly Jordan & Harry Jowsey’s Relationship

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Guess you didn’t see that one coming, did you? Tayler Holder and Charly Jordan were one of the most popular TikTok couples but they ended their relationship. Then a few weeks ago, most of Tayler’s closest friends from the influencer industry unfollowed him. He might be facing sexual misconduct allegations, as per many hints but right now he seems to be continuously posting on social media as if nothing has changed. Meanwhile, Harry Jowsey and Charly Jordan have become the new hot couple in town. Here’s what Tayler Holder had to say about that.

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Tayler Holder Says He’s Happy For Charly Jordan

Someone asked Tayler Holder in TikTok if he had seen Charly Jordan with Harry Jowsey. To this, he gave a surprisingly civil answer:

“I did! 🙂 I’m really glad she’s happy!”

Tayler Holder Happy For Charly Jordan & Harry Jowsey
Instagram TikTok Insiders

That is certainly an interesting answer, considering that both Harry Jowsey and Charly Jordan have unfollowed Tayler Holder during his controversy.

What is the Tayler Holder’s controversy?

At the start of February, big names in the TikToker and influencer space unfollowed and dissociated from Tayler Holder. Among those were Tayler’s ex-girlfriend, Charly Jordan, Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, Kelianne Stankus, Chase Mattson, Nate Wyatt, Azra Mian, Aisha Main, Markell Washington, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, Nikita Dragun, Larray, and more.

Tayler Holder did a brief interview with The Bffs Podcast hosted by Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards, where he shared that he’d rather keep everything offline. He made a lot of vague comments, but there were hints regarding some sexual misconduct allegations coming up.

“There’s a lot of assumption. There’s a lot of gossip. It’s all everyone’s opinion it’s all he said she said stuff you know. But at the end of the day there’s always a truth to everything and like I said we have you know I have great people around me and we’re going to continue to handle that offline.”

Moreover, Tayler is continuing to post on his social media as usual. His Instagram Stories are updated on a daily basis these days and it seems like he’s not worried about anything.

Bryce Hall also shared that he was sent a cease-and-desist letter by Holder’s team and that he couldn’t say much about what’s actually happening. As he doesn’t know much. There were about 50 letters sent to various influencers in L.A. Juliano Hodges may be one of them as he was posting Instagram Stories that seemed to be about Tayler Holder:

Juliano Hughes On Tayler Holder
Juliano Hodges Sends Loves To Victims

There was also a source that told Keemstar that there was going to be sexual assault allegations coming up against Tayler Holder:

Keemstar DramaAlert Tweet Tayler Holder Sexual Misconduct

An update on the romance between Charly Jordan and Harry Jowsey

A few days ago, Charly Jordan and Harry Jowsey were seen making out at a party. It seemed to be a watch party for the 2022 Super Bowl. The two seemed to be quite happy in each other’s presence as they even spent Valentine’s Day together. And Charly even gave Harry a gift on a special day to mark their time as a new couple!

Harry Jowsey Spends Valentine With Charly Jordan

It seems like Charly and Harry are a new couple, though both have not confirmed anything. But they are posting a lot of adorable pictures online together and it’s getting a lot of love from everyone.

Let’s see what happens next!

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