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Creed 2 Rocks The Boat Of A Legendary Franchise

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While Creed II furthers its narrative of boxer Adonis Creed’s (Michael B. Jordan) battles to establish his own identity. The second part of Ryan Coogler’s sporty perfection sadly and statistically falls prey to the very lesson it wanted to deliver. The objective was to live up to a legacy by creating your own. Unfortunately, Creed 2 just doesn’t seem to follow its own ideologies.

Creed II Does Not Create A New Legacy

Steve Caple Jr. fails to stay away from formulaic Rocky tone and does not manage to craft his own freshness into the movie. If he had done so we could have had a much more interesting story. But for now, Creed II feels like rendition of the 1976 classic, with the only difference being made by the sophisticated, subtle visuals.

Cliched Scenes Characterize The Film

Following the arc on which Creed ended upon, the sequel opens up by showcasing Michael B. Jordan against former villain Pretty Ricky Conlan. The film evokes and manifests it’s plot line early on the movie, making the subject predictable and unexciting. When Creed 2 tries to cash on the most acclaimed aspects of ancestor it does that so often that it simply becomes cliched. For instance you would hear Ivan Drago filling in the plot with his punch line ‘break him’ way too often.

Creed 2 plays its trump card when it depicted Vicktor Drago and Ivan Drago as the main villains on the saga. But for that the movie constant relies on establishing how Ivan killed Apollo Creed in the ring even before Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) was born. Creed 2 shows both Victor and Adonis mired in a parenting upheaval as children. Although it does form a basis for their troubled personalities as adults, the movie does not particularly bog down to reveal what the villain and the hero actually want.

Michael B. Jordan Is Way Too Vulnerable On Creed 2

The selfish Dragos, devoid of any remorse, fail largely to appeal as convincing villain. The central trio consisting of Adonis, Rocky, and Bianca only narrowly establish themselves as fine heroes. Jordan feels highly vulnerable on the movie as his struggle has more to do with his fight with himself rather than his boxing ambitions. Sylvester Stallone’s mentor-ship is a saving grace for the film. And the viewers can emotionally connect to Stallone’s conflict of whether to back Adonis (Michael B. Jordan) against the Dragos or not. Tessa Thompson is the real shining star on the movie.

The Verdict

Creed II can’t seem to let the past go. It abandoning the exciting novel path blazed by Coogler in favor of evoking what we have already seen. This ensues unarguably minimal results.

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