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Bryce Hall Confirms He Hooked Up With Josie Canseco & Josh Richards Reveals He Slid Into Her DMs

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Well well well, this is not shocking at all.

Bryce Hall was recently a guest at the BFFs podcast live-stream. As you all know the BFFs podcast is hosted by Bryce’s good friend Josh Richards, Dave Portnoy, and Brianna LaPaglia. The podcast did a live stream almost a day ago and a lot of tea was spilled. Most of it involves Josie Canseco, an influencer and model that also happened to be Logan Paul’s ex-girlfriend.

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First, let’s talk about the fact that Bryce Hall and Josie Canseco definitely hooked up

This does not come as a surprise for those who were following these two closely. Bryce Hall and Josie Canseco have kissed on social media so many times. At one point, Josie kissed Bryce on the lips on camera and then proceeded to call him a ‘kid’. Which was confusing to everyone. But hey, their steamy kisses gave everyone a big hint that they didn’t have an entirely platonic friendship. Many also assumed they were in a relationship.

But as per Bryce Hall, he and Josie Canseco never dated. They just had a “thing”. More like, a fling it seems.

“I was not dating Josie but we were like, you know, doing our thing.”

As the podcast went on, the BFFs podcast hosts asked Bryce Hall about his famous roast hosted by Jason Nash. All of the popular influencers, TikTok & YouTube stars gathered to roast the Sway House member Bryce Hall. Of course, the ones roasting Bryce were those closest to him so the roasts are bound to be hilarious and give everyone some spicy details.

When Dave Portnoy asked Bryce Hall whose roasts hurt the most, Bryce Hall responded saying it was Josie Canseco. Mainly because her roasts were too personal and talked about his you know, thing.

“I’d say Josie’s were good. Yeah, Josie’s were very direct towards me. Like a lot of d*ck jokes. But yeah like how I don’t last in bed. That hurts.”

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Second, Josh Richards is also trying to hook up with Josie Canseco?

Bryce Hall spilled the tea and revealed to the whole world that Josh Richards slid into Josie Canseco’s DMs. But it was after they had met up and hung out.

Here’s what Bryce revealed:

“Let’s talk about the dms that he sent Josie, those ones were very [ __ ] boy what were they, what were they. I don’t remember.”

Then Josh Richards didn’t deny that he slid into Josie Canseco’s DMs and even shared what he wrote her:

“hey how you been”

Bryce Hall further joked that Josh Richards was trying to have something more romantic with Josie Canseco. But Richards laughed it off and said they are just friends. Uhh well!! Something definitely fishy is still brewing between them.

Josh Richards Steamy Picture With Josie Canseco

So we’ll have to wait and see what happens next.

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