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Ariana Grande and Mama Grande Take on Piers Morgan on Twitter for Criticizing Little Mix ‘Strip’ Photo

Ariana Grande and her mom Joan Grande serve it up to British journalist Piers Morgan on Twitter after he criticized Little Mix photoshoot for new single Strip and Ellen DeGeneres

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Ariana Grande felt it was time to jump in and say her two words to Piers Morgan. The British journalist was involved in a Twitter feud with Ariana’s mom about his comments on Little Mix’s new single Strip photo shoot. He also targeted Ellen DeGeneres in his onslaught. Ariana let Mama Grande handle him until he accused Ariana of selling records with nudity. The pop star then proceeded to thrash him through with grace.

Piers Morgan Goes Haywire on Little Mix

Piers Morgan started cranky on Good Morning Britain on November 19th. The British journalist was not happy about Little Mix stripping off for their new single ‘Strip’ photoshoot.

While the speakers Annabel Giles and Kerry Katona fiercely debated that the girl group was sending a positive message to girls around the world. Morgan could not get over the them being naked.

He later tweeted about it and pointed out something,

Let the Twitter Feud Begin!

That’s when Joan Grande, Ariana Grande’s mom interjected with a tweet.

He did not stop at Little Mix. He proceeded to call out Ellen DeGeneres for a little International Men’s Day celebration segment on The Ellen Show,

Piers was not happy about it;

Joan Grande was displeased with Morgan for criticizing Ellen. She called him out,

“You came for @TheEllenShow yesterday which was disgraceful, she is an angel.”

Morgan then called out Joan for her tweet to him from earlier,

He had gone too far this time. Criticizing and chiding a mother over her daughter seemed appalling. That is when the other Grande took over.

Enter Ariana

This time, Joan did not reply. It was Ariana who came in to stand up for herself and her friend Ellen DeGeneres in a tweet,

Morgan wasn’t biting still. He called out Ariana next. He was sarcastic in his reply and told her that talent was more important than nudity to sell records and make money.

And he even thought he was being cheeky when he used the title of her hit new single “Thank you, Next” to put her off.

Ariana did not lose her grace and came up with a reply,

Morgan resorted to a patronizing title of “young lady” in his next tweet directed towards Ariana. He reminded her that he had been working longer and had more experience. He had written articles both in her praise and criticism. She deserved both, he said.

Ariana was not going to let him have the last word. Digging deep, she came up with a whopper.


Who would have thought? Who would have remembered this? The answer is Ariana Grande.

She threw his own work in his face. With one simple question, she called out his hypocrisy and people are applauding the young singer for keeping her wits. Morgan tried a comeback with a joke. He asked her if it was Grande’s screensaver.

Ariana remained cool and replied,

“nah and it ain’t your girl’s either, I can promise you that.”

Morgan replied with laughing emojis and

“Me think the lady doth protest too much.”

The Real Video ‘Strip’

While all this was going on, the real content, the Little Mix video ‘Strip’ has already got over seven million views. The message in the video is to strip off makeup and material things. And being comfortable in the skin you are in.

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