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Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams Are Trying To Have a Kid Via Surrogate

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It seems that Shane Dawson is ready to take the next step in his life. According to his fiancé, Ryland Adams, the couple are trying to have a baby via surrogate. During an episode of his podcast, The Sip, Adams revealed that they will begin the process soon. While Dawson himself have not commented on it, he did hint on it in the past. At the moment, no other details have been shared.

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After dating for three years, Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams got engaged in 2019.

Although they met on a dating app and Shane Dawson made the first move, they did not reveal it until after two years. On their second anniversary, the YouTuber shared a screenshot of their first messages to each other. At the end of 2016, they made their relationship public with a heartfelt Instagram post. Since then, they added two dogs and a cat to their little family. In 2018, ,the couple moved into a Spanish-style home in California. On their third anniversary, Shane Dawson got on one knee and proposed to Ryland Adams. Since then, the couple have been each other’s anchor amidst many controversies.

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Recently Ryland Adams hinted that the couple are trying to have a baby.

Along with Lizzie Gordon, Ryland Adams hosts a podcast called The Sip. During the latest episode, Shane Dawson fiancé and Gordon talked about surrogacy and Priyanka Chopra’s baby. At the same time, he revealed an important update about him and the YouTuber. While talking about their wish to have a baby, he said:

“We started the process of trying to figure it out and even with like a surrogacy agency the wait-list is 18 to 36 months if you start today.”

When Lizzie Gordon insisted that they should start today, he said:

“I know. But that’s not the only stop. Then you have to have, like, a fertility clinic, that’s where you find the egg and then you also have to find the surrogacy and then you have all the legal work.”

This is not the first time Shane Dawson and Adams have hinted at having a baby.

Last year, Adams posted a video about cooking Shane’s favorite meal. During the video, he also shared the presents they got on their holiday in Mexico. Among them was a t-shirt for kids. To which, Adams said:

“A baby shirt because we, like, want to have a kid so if we start putting it out into the world with our purchases it will come true. That’s what we don’t know yet. We’re thinking about it but this is our first step into putting energy into the world about wanting to have a kid so we got a little baby Cabo shirt.”

Similarly, Shane Dawson talked about their move to California in a recent video and said:

“Once we have a kid, which hopefully will be in the next year or so, I don’t want our kid to get confused, “like where do I live,” I want them to feel safe like they have a place.”

Judging from these statement, the wait would not be long when Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams would be making vlogs with their kid.

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