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The Dark Reason Why Tumblr was Removed From the App Store

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Tumblr emerged in the internet world almost eleven years ago by David Karp. Though, the founder stepped down in 2017, a few months after Verizon communications took over the company which was also under Yahoo at the time. The micro-blogging social network has been a favorite amongst many teenagers. So it serves as no surprise when many were shocked at Tumblr’s absence from the Apple App Store. Apple took this decision after learning that Tumblr didn’t remove content relating to child pornography on their mobile app.

After November 16th, the app Tumblr was not available on the Apple App store. Though the company didn’t disclose the real reason as to why it happened, they ended up telling the real reason was the presence of child pornography on their app.

What Tumblr Had to Say

Tumblr blamed an internal automatic auditing system for this fault. The company let the public know that they have a proper system in place which prohibits the presence and sharing of content relating to child pornography. Apparently, any new images the users uploads on the social blogging platform is scanned against child pornographic content. If the system finds it to be inappropriate, the pictures are not uploaded. Tumblr has now found out that there were gaps in their database. The company further stated that they are working to get the app back on the Apple App Store as soon as possible. though, they have not given an exact date as of yet.

Previous Controversies of Tumblr

Apart from child pornography controversies of Tumblr, the company has had other problems in the past. The platform gives open access to sexual and pornographic content on their platform. They are proud to have a liberal view when it comes to such content. Though, it has safety checks in place that demand people confirm they’re adults before given access to that content. But, people can easily lie on the internet so basically children and teenagers can easily access the pornographic content. For this very reason, Indonesia banned Tumblr. It didn’t like the free access that it gave to its citizens. South Korea has also requested the company to better monitor such content on their website.

So, this glitch in their system is one of many controversies the company has had to face over the years.

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