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Kelianne Stankus Is Releasing Music Video For ‘Boys’

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After releasing her debut single, Kelianne Stankus is all set to release its music video. On her Instagram account, the TikTok star teased the upcoming video of her single “Boys“. Although she started her career from TikTok, she soon transitioned to the music industry. However, even that is not the most interesting thing about the TikToker. She met her fiancé, Chase Mattson in a very dramatic and interesting way.

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Although she is a famous TikToker now, Kelianne Stankus is an accidental celebrity.

Prior to getting into making content, Kelianne Stankus competed in and won gold at Freedom Cup in 2005. Her gymnastics journey began at the age of seven and continued for 10 years consistently. In 2015, she performed at The Ellen Show as a member of The Acrobots, an acrobatic hover-board dance group. However, it all changed when the pandemic began. During the quarantine, Kelianne Stankus started focusing on her TikTok account and really put effort into it. After she found fame, she became a part of Hype House as a result of her friendship with Tayler Holder.


At the peak of the pandemic, she met her fiancé, Chase Mattson.

According to Kelianne Stankus, her encounter with Chase Mattson was very dramatic and unexpected. After finding him on her Explore Page of Instagram, she decided to take matters in her own hands. Instantly, she send him a DM and got a response back. When Mattson saw that she likes to be detail-oriented, he also started to open up. Few days later, they decided to exchange numbers and FaceTime each other. And now the most loved celebrity Tiktok couple is busy planning their wedding and working on details.

kelianne stankus with chase matson
Kelianne with Chase Mattson | Instagram

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Recently, Kelianne Stankus revealed that she is releasing a music video of Boys.

Last week, Kelianne Stankus released her debut single, Boys. With the single, she has kick started her music career. Earlier today, she revealed that she is also working on a music video of Boys. While talking about her song, Kelianne Stankus said:

“I think the title just says it all. Boys can kind of make you crazy. Sometimes all you can think about is boys. I think it’s a fun song that anyone can sing. Anyone can relate to it, boys and girls. So, I think, it’s just a really fun song to sing.”

Furthermore, Kelianne Stankus said:

“I’ve always loved music. It’s always been a part of my life. I grew up with my dad, he really inspired me to do music because he’s so musical. He can pick up any instrument and just know how to play it. It’s crazy. He’s never picked it up in his life and he just knows how to play it because he can just do it all by ear. It’s really crazy. … He’s really inspired me to do music just because I grew up around it.”

Kelianne Stankus Shooting for 'Boys'
Instagram | Kelianne Stankus

So far, she has not released any date for the music video. But it’s surely going to be as awesome as the song.

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