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Nessa Barrett Says Her New Album Won’t Be Exposing Anyone After Tana Mongeau Says It Will

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It seems that Nessa Barrett and her new album are staying away from drama. Although her bestie, Tana Mongeau claimed that her new album will reveal the truth, the TikToker is denying the claims. Since Barrett and Jaden Hossler started dating, people have spewed so much hate on the couple. However, Mongeau makes sure to defend her friend at every chance she gets. Recently, she criticized Mads Lewis who claimed that Barrett makes friends just for clout.

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When people bashed Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler for dating, Tana Mongeau came to their defense.

In April last year, Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler said goodbye to their exes and started to date. Shortly after their relationship became public, the received backlash. All sympathizes were with their exes, Josh Richards and Mads Lewis. While Richard decided to stay silent, Lewis did not. Despite the hate, the couple grew closer and stronger. In an episode of Cancelled, Tana Mongeau defended her friend Nessa Barrett and said:

“A lot of people have such controversial opinions about Nessa and Jaden, but I think that people often forget the fact that they’re so young. I don’t know about y’all, but at their age I definitely did some sh*t like that. Doing what you love with someone that you love too is the absolute best feeling in the world, in my opinion. So I like 100% am so happy for that. Also, I mean maybe I’m too far for saying this, but I, from all parties, have heard a lot of off-camera tea that makes me resonate with why they did that, especially Nessa.”

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Few days back, Mads Lewis dragged Barrett and Mongeau came to the rescue once again.

In her reality series, ‘Famous, Like Me’, Mads Lewis expressed her anger with Nessa Barrett. According to her, Barrett only makes friends for clout. She said:

“Anything you do on social media, people like to turn it into something it’s not. They’re like, ‘Notice how everyone was friends with Mads and they’re just not friends with Mads anymore, they’re all friends with Nessa.’ All these people that are friends with Nessa want to be friends with Nessa because she might be clouting with Justin Bieber cause they want to be backstage at the concert.”

In response to this, Tana Mongeau did not hold back and defended Nessa Barrett once again. She wrote:

“Nessa isn’t friends with people for clout. She’s the sweetest and best friend to those around her. There’s a lot that went on that if people knew they’d undoubtedly side with her.”

Recently, she shared that Nessa Barrett’s album is about the truth but the TikToker denied it.

Since her music journey began, Nessa Barrett has been working on her debut album, ‘Pretty Poison’. After she released the album, many people assumed that its about the drama surrounding her relationship with Jaden Hossler. Tana Mongeau put fuel to this news with her latest TikTok video. In a caption of the video, she wrote:

“When your bestie is releasing an album about the truth.”

Instantly, people assumed that she might call out Mads Lewis in her new album. However, she put the rumors to rest and said:

“I love Tana but my album has nothing to do with drama or anyone lol.”

Nessa Barrett Twitter

Although Mongeau might have wanted to hype up her friend, its admirable of Nessa Barrett to not respond to drama in any way.

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