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The Chainsmokers React to Conspiracy They Had Plastic Surgery

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After The Chainsmokers took a break from making music, no one heard from them until recently. Few weeks ago, videos featuring two men who look like the band members, started showing up on their official TikTok account. This led to people spreading conspiracy theories. When one TikTok user claimed that they might have gone through plastic surgery, the band’s official account responded. However, it turns out that they might be coming back from their hiatus and they will be dropping new music too.


In 2020, The Chainsmokers took a much needed break and deleted all posts from their account.

After eight years of performing and making music, The Chainsmokers decided to take a break in 2020. Although Drew Taggart and Alex Pall planned their hiatus before the pandemic, all tours were cancelled regardless. During an interview, The Chainsmokers talked about struggles with mental health, career and fame. According to Taggart, he faced anxiety and depression. At the same time, he talked about his own dissonance with the image people have of him. Similarly, they admitted that people did not take them seriously in the beginning. However, things have changed since.

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Although they were on a hiatus, their lookalikes started posting on social media.

Since they took a break, The Chainsmokers stayed under the radar and away from social media. However, people started noticing activity on their official TikTok account. Interestingly, two guys who looked like Taggart and Pall started appearing in videos on their TikTok. When one TikTok user claimed that the two band members must have gone through plastic surgery, The Chainsmokers official account replied:

Why would we mess with perfection?

Despite the official account responding, people were confused why their doppelgangers were posting weird clips.

It turned out that The Chainsmokers were making a comeback from the break.

On their Instagram account, The Chainsmokers posted a video where their lookalikes try their hands at making music. During the satirical video, their lookalikes smoke $100 bills, take psychedelic mushrooms, roller skate around their mansion and smoke out of a giant bong. In short, they do everything other than making music. At the end of the video, The Chainsmokers, Taggart and Pall, make an appearance and inform their fans that they are back. The two band members lip sync their upcoming single, High. Although they have not mentioned a release date, it is expected to come out any day.

With this song, The Chainsmokers will be making a comeback after two years. At the same time, they will be releasing their fourth album since 2019.

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