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Ethan Klein Exposes Keemstar’s Old Tweets Where He’s Sexually Harassing Fans

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It is no secret that Keemstar and Ethan Klein do not see eye to eye. Therefore, the two YouTubers are always trying to expose one another. However, Drama Alert host took it a step further this time and dragged Klein’s dad in the whole drama. According to him, Klein senior is openly simping on young girls. In response to this, Klein shared old tweets of his enemy where he is harassing his fans. After that, people expressed their thoughts on the matter and had a lot of stuff to say.

Last month, Keemstar dragged Gary Klein in his on-going dispute with H3H3 podcast host.

After Keemstar broke up with his 20 year old girlfriend, people and Ethan Klein poked fun at him. At the same time, people criticized him for dating a girl 19 years younger than him. Since Drama Alert host and Ethan Klein are old enemies, he loved discussing this matter on his podcast. In response to this, he brought forward evidence which shows that Ethan’s dad, Gary Klein also likes to follow young girls. On Twitter, Keemstar retweeted a post which shows that Senior Klein follows 17 year old girls who share explicit pictures. Similarly, he dug out old tweets by Ethan Klein’s dad where he posted negative comments about the black community.

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In response to this, Ethan Klein shared very questionable tweets by Drama Alert host.

On his podcast, Ethan Klein talked about Keemstar exposing his father. While talking about it, he also shared old tweets by Keemstar where he is talking inappropriately with young and underage girls. Prior to share the tweets, Klein said:

Since Keemstar accused my dad of being thirsty on main, here is Keemstar being h*rny on main, so you tell me which one is worse.

Throughout his tweets, Drama Alert host can be seen asking girls if they will show him their private body parts. At the same time, he repeatedly asked them if they would perform oral s*x on him. Similarly, his tweets are full of explicit words and derogatory language. According to Klein, Keemstar is harassing young girls who came to his meetup.

Shortly after the video came out, people started attacking Keemstar.

For a while now, Keemstar has found himself in hot waters. Although YouTubers and influencers are always finding ways to stay in the spot light, Keemstar does so by making inappropriate comments on other people. Similarly, his personal life also attracts negative publicity for him. Therefore people are really over him and think that he should just stop posting. After Klein’s podcast episode came out, people expressed similar thoughts. According to one person:

YES! The end of keem has begun!

Meanwhile, another person said:

There were many people who though that Keemstar is trying so hard to stay relevant. At the same time, people appreciated Klein for exposing him.

On the other hand, some though that he is acting like a teenager.

Needless to say, people were ruthless. As as expected, Keem will definitely respond to this. Let’s see what he has to say about this.

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