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Tana Mongeau and Larray shade Thomas Petrou’s Girlfriend Mia Hayward

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Recently, Tana Mongeau got together with Larray and they both shaded Thomas Petrou’s girlfriend, Mia Hayward. Although Cancelled podcast host, Tana Mongeau, is not the part of Netflix’s Hype House, she did throw shade at Hayward. Since the release of the reality show, people have indicated that Petrou’s girlfriend is very toxic. This might be the reason why Larray and Mongeau poked fun at her.

After Hype House released on Netflix, people were introduced to Mia Hayward.

Although people were already familiar with Hype House and the influencers associated with the collective, the reality show has opened more doors for them. During the first season, people were introduced to influencers like Larray, Nikita Dragun, Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou and Mia Hayward. While focusing on their careers, personal issues and business problems, the show also focused on Petrou and Hayward’s relationship. The couple started dating in 2020 and have been going strong. During the show, people commented that Hayward was the most annoying and toxic person, and Tana Mongeau also noticed it.

Recently, Tana Mongeau and Larray threw shade at Petrou’s girlfriend.

In a TikTok, Tana Mongeau and Larray got together and made fun of Mia Hayward. While talking about who Larray will not want to see in the Hype House show, Tana Mongeau said:

Would you rather have no me or Mia on the Hype House show?

To which, Larray mouthed Mia’s name. This led to them both bursting into laughter. After that, Larray admitted that he would rather have Tana Mongeau than Mia on the show. However, they both later claimed:

This is not a shade to Mia, its just a funny joke. That was just a joke.

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After Tana Mongeau and Larray’s video went viral people reacted to it.

While some found it funny, others thought Tana Mongeau was being a high schooler. One person defended Mia and said:

Mia was literally just sticking up for her boyfriend?? Why are we all acting like we wouldn’t act up like her if people couldn’t clean up after them selfs, complain like it’s prison cause they have to make a 60sec TikTok 8times a month. I would lose it to. All we learned from that show is that every single one of you need therapy 😂😂

Meanwhile, one person said:

they act like high schoolers it’s embarassing honestly

Another person commented on Tana Mongeau and said:

tana looks 40 with the emotional intelligence of a 13 year old lmao

Meanwhile, one person thought that everyone found Mia annoying in the show.

Needless to say, people had varied reactions to Tana Mongeau and Larray’s diss.

So far, Mia Hayward or Thomas Petrou have not responded to it.

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