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Trisha Paytas says a fan stalked Them during Their Hawaiian Wedding

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Few days back, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon had their second wedding ceremony in Hawaii. While the couple wanted to celebrate the beginning of their new life in a special place, it turned out to be opposite of that. According to a YouTuber, they had to experience worse kind of stalking. At the same time, they accused people of invading their privacy. In a YouTube video, they called out a TikToker who posted their paparazzi style pictures on the platform.

In December, Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon tied the knot in Las Vegas.

After one year of engagement, Trisha Paytas and Hacmon finally got married. In a lavish ceremony which was held in Las Vegas, Paytas dressed up in a black gown. However, their wedding attracted negative attention. On social media their couple’s duet, ‘What Dreams Are Made of’ by Hilary Duff, went viral. However, people were confused about their choice of song. Similarly, Hacmon claimed that Trisha Paytas didn’t allow him to leave the venue during the wedding. Later, they discussed it in a YouTube video that people twisted the truth and presented a wrong narrative.

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After that, the couple head over to Hawaii for their second wedding ceremony.

On their Instagram, Trisha Paytas posted pictures of their Hawaii wedding. In the pictures, the couple stands in front of the ocean, dressed in white ensemble. While Paytas wore a white gown, Hacmon was in a white suit. Both of them had Hawaii’s traditional lei in their necks. In the caption, Trisha Paytas wrote:

When one wedding isn’t enough to celebrate your eternal love 🕊🤍
Aloha from Maui 🌺
Married my husband again to bring in the New Year with his other love, the ocean 🌊

According to Trisha Paytas, they were stalked by a fan who invaded their privacy.

In a YouTube video, Trisha Paytas talked about their trip to Hawaii. According to them, they had to face a stalker and people who kept staring. While they always accommodate and take pictures with fans, they felt uncomfortable when they would not stop staring. On TikTok, one person posted pictures which were taken in paparazzi style. At the same time, the pictures showed that the person was really close to Trisha Paytas and Moses Hacmon. Despite that, they did not ask them before taking the pictures. While talking about it, the YouTuber said:

“This kind of TikTok, this kind of stalking, this kind of like, creepiness, is not cool. I don’t know if this is like, Gen Z I need to talk to or what, but this is called simple, basic, human etiquette. These kinds of photos, where you sneak them from far away, or you do it in the elevator, or you’re videotaping us or following us around the resort, it’s really not okay. We’re not caged animals. Filming anyone without their permission or consent is super rude.”

Similarly, Paytas called out that person who wrote that they had married their assistant. According to them, it is not a big deal if their husband does things for them. Although it was a special occasion for Paytas and Hacmon, it almost got ruined because of the stalking.

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