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TikTok is mad at Malu Trevejo for apparently lip-syncing the n-word in a TikTok

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Recently, Malu Trevejo received backlash after she lip-synced to the N-word in a TikTok. Shortly after, TikTok went viral and people expressed their anger. At the same time, some claimed that she did not lip-sync the word. However, the debate is still going on. Previously, she made headlines when the Travis Scott controversy came out. Similarly, her story about kissing her cousin also did not sit well with people.

Earlier this year, Malu Trevejo faced backlash when an old video resurfaced

In February, Malu Trevejo became the target on social media when a long-lost video came to the surface. According to the video, the Cuban-American singer kissed her cousin forcefully. Although she stated that they both were really young, people did not let this go. According to them, the video should have never come out and called her out for molesting the cousin. In response to this, Malu Trevejo posted on her Instagram and said:

”people [are] so weird, I can’t even tell stories without MFs trying to make such a big deal like? You’ve never made stupid things as a kid? That’s what kids do when they kids. Stupid things.”

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Few months back, her record deal with Travis Scott went horribly wrong

On her birthday, Malu Trevejo revealed that she has signed a contract with Travis Scott’s record label, Cactus Jack. Shortly after he posted, Scott’s manager called the news fake and discouraged people from engaging with the post. In response to this, the Cuban-American singer called out the rapper and his team for lying. According to her, she did indeed sign a contract and shared a screenshot of it as well. A few weeks later, Malu Trevejo revealed that she is not going to work with Travis Scott anymore and urged him to let her out of the contract.

Recently, Malu Trevejo began a debate after people accused her of lip-syncing N-word

After Malu Trevejo uploaded a new TikTok, people claimed that she lip-synced the N-word. Meanwhile, some say that she did not.

In a recent TikTok, Malu Trevejo can be seen lip-syncing to a rap song. During the song, she is seen lip-syncing the N-word, or so it seems. Since then, people are debating whether she actually said it or not. According to one person:

we know her history with the word yall it’s a never ending cycle

Another person said:

Also for someone who’s a singer ig she can’t lip sync for her life

However, one person seemed to defend Malu Trevejo and said:

If someone is going to catch shit for mouthing it, then the artist should catch the most shit. Don’t use a racist word in songs you know people will listen to and sing??

Similarly, another person said:

I really don’t see it…but I mean, stop making hits out of songs that use that word if you don’t want kids singing along to it. 🤷‍♀️ It don’t sound any better coming out of Nicki’s mouth every sentence.

Meanwhile, few people thought this debate was not worth it.

Needless to say, people are still debating about what Malu Trevejo actually said.

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