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Mariah Carey Supporting Colin Kaepernick Got her Mixed Responses From Fans

Fans on social media give varied reactions on Carey's photo with Kaepernick,

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Mariah Carey supporting Colin Kaepernick has surprised her fans. Some are happy with the alliance while the rest fumes with anger. Colin Kaepernick is a controversial figure in America, some show their relentless support and some found his actions offensive. Previously, Rihanna cancelled the Superbowl performance and Amy Schumer supported her for it. All was done as a protest to the injustice occurring in the country against African-Americans.

Colin Kaepernick and Mariah Carey Posed For Instagram

The actress was smiling in a recent Instagram post with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. The post generated a mixed bag of fans’ reactions on social media platforms.

The vocalist captioned the image, “Such an honour to meet @kaepernick7 today,”

Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL star drew a controversy back in 2016. The 31- year player knelt down during the NFL’s pre-game national anthem to protest against police violence and injustices towards black people. Later, many NFL players followed the trend of protesting against such racial issues in their own styles.

Colin Kaepernick still continues to advocate for causes he genuinely believes in, he is focusing on growing his Know Your Right Campaign which helps enlighten the youth on issues such as how to deal with law enforcement and knowing their rights as legal citizens of the country. Colin Kaepernick even partnered up with Nike for this cause and the company ended up receiving a lot of backlash for it.

Diverse Responses From Carey’s Fans On This Support

Surprisingly, the responses on this meeting of the celebrities were encouraging. Many fans called Carey and Kaepernick as “legends” or royalty.

In fact, one inspiring comment read,

“Beautiful pair right there!!! Great minds attract GREAT minds. And if people don’t like it….question them, not yourself.”

Mariah Carey’s white fans may have forgotten she’s half-African American.

The Instagram post from Mariah set a blazing debate. Some people thought that giving such honor to the NFL player is unjustified. Whereas, others are digging deeper into Mariah’s African-American genetics

Unfortunately, the racial lines have drawn a boundary between white and black fans. Carey’s white supporters are shockingly outraged. Thus they took the act as an open betrayal by Mariah.

Some aggressive followers posted,

“He is trash and a lying hypocrite,”

“Disappointed u support such a disrespectful man.”

Lambs Love Their Favorite Singer, Mariah

The negative ambience soon turns into a refreshing aura when  “lambs,” (Carey’s nickname for her most devoted fans), supported Mariah on her meeting with Colin.

Carey has not yet responded to the backlash. The singer is quite busy in this holiday season. Fans are eagerly waiting for her signature Christmas anthem that is going to resonate all across the world.

This weekend, Mariah Carey shared a video in which the melodious singer is playing the song to honor the first snowfall in New York.

Moreover, the honest singer is happy with her newly released 15th studio album. The record was released on  Nov. 16 The album announced a world tour that starts in upcoming February.

To a surprise, Carey’s soundtrack the  2001 cult classic Glitter reached the top spot on the charts 17 years after it’s release.

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