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Shane Dawson Has Not Moved Back To Calabasas But is Safe!

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As the California wildfires wreak havoc, they continue to expel several celebrities out of their houses in cities like Malibu, Paradise, and Calabasas. The wildfires had forced a massive scale evacuation. The California wildfires have also generated devastatingly noticeable death toll. Moreover, several people are also missing as a result of the California Wildfires. Amid these destructive wildfires, a handful of celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Caitlyn Jenner, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Liams Hemsworth and Gerald Butler, also deserted their respective abodes. YouTubers such as Shane Dawson, Jake Paul, were also amongst the long list of celebrities who had to move out in the wake of the wildfires. Recently a YouTube user (deleted account) tweeted publicly that the situation in Calabasas was now calm. She also mentioned that the police has asked the residents of the zone to move back in 2 days. She also tweeted that YouTuber Shane Dawson had already moved back to his Calabasas home.

Shane Dawson Is Not In Calabasas

Shane Dawson has; however, rubbished all such rumours.

He tweeted in response to the girl that he was still in the evacuation. Apparently, the girl had accused victims of Calabasas for ‘milking out a deal’ from a small issue. This, understandably infuriated escapees of the Calabasas. People wanted to know if Shane Dawson was actually back in Calabasas. He; however, rebuked all such rumors.

Shane Dawson has been actively updating about the Wildfire in Calabasas. While leaving home, Shane Dawson expressed great grief over the evacuation. He tweeted that leaving Calabasas was indeed a difficult thing for him. However, at the same time, he also told people to save their lives as a priority and evacuate the area if their area falls under the evacuation order.

Dawson Cracking Evacuation Jokes

Since evacuation, Shane Dawson has been cracking jokes about his situation as a person seeking relief. A few days ago, he posted that he was still evacuated and had been wearing the same clothes for the past 7 days. He then joked about how not changing into new clothes was not a consequence of the wildfires.


But; in fact, it was just Dawson’s laziness. A few days later, he joked again as posted on Twitter that he might soon be back to his home in Calabasas. He then quickly revealed the prank before twitterati telling them that it was just a joke. In fact, the city had told him that they had no idea of how long would it take to allow people to relocate.

Shane Dawson Gives Sound Advice Amid California Wildfires

Dawson has been a catalyst in spreading awareness about the wildfires issue.

He has urged people on Twitter to help animals. Shane told them that they might end up stranded in the courtyards of nearby areas. He also advised people to put up water sources for them and provide them with food if possible. Dawson reminded people that animals were also losing their homes. Shane Dawson also acclaimed the efforts of firefighters calling them heroes. He posted a picture of them after they had completed a 48 hours non-stop operation for extinguishing the horrendous California wildfires.

Shane and his boyfriend Ryland Adams opened up about the fires in their new video. They also exposed a major media company Defy Media which recently shut down.

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