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David Dobrik is considering quitting vlogging!

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After a controversial year coming to an end, David Dobrik is considering putting an end to his vlogging career. According to the YouTuber, he has done everything he wanted to. Therefore, he wants to move on from vlogging and find a new passion. However, he is not sure what it would be. After two women came forward with r**e and sexual assault allegations, Dobrik and Vlog Squad experienced a shift in their popularity and YouTube numbers.

Although he began vlogging in 2015, David Dobrik have managed to become highest viewed YouTuber

Prior to YouTube, he found fame on Vine. However, David Dobrik moved to YouTube in 2015 and started making vlogs. Along with his YouTuber friends, he founded Vlog Squad which was the fifth most viewed channel in 2019 with 2.8 billion views. It was his high-energy videos including pranks, comedy videos, inside jokes, and celebrity features that made him the ultimate YouTuber. With great fame comes great money and David Dobrik is no stranger to that. As of today, his net worth is around $15 million. Despite controversies, he keeps on making money.

Last year, Vlog Squad member and Dobrik’s close friend was accused of r**e.

According to a woman named Hannah, Durte Dom r**ed her in 2018. After a few college girls agreed to work in a Vlog Squad video, one of them accused Dom of r**ing her while she was passed out. According to her, he made sure that she was drunk and then took her to a room. On David Dobrik YouTube channel, the video was also uploaded of that night. The Vlog Squad wanted to record a threesome video. However, only Durte Dom went into the room while others did not. When the story came out, Dobrik and his team had to face major backlash and criticism. For a while, the YouTuber stepped away from making vlogs and posting on social media. However, he is back again and is making vlogs now.

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Recently, David Dobrik hinted that he might stop making vlogs for good

David Dobrik Is Considering Quitting Vlogging!

During the latest episode of the VIEWS podcast, David Dobrik expressed that he might be ready to quit vlogging. According to him, he has done everything that he wanted to do and would like to move on to other ventures. While talking about it, he said:

“I think I did what I wanted to do with the vlogs. It’s like when a late-night show host is about to quit, and he’s like I’ve done everything I wanted to do here. I did it. I had fun. I’ve got to do something else. That’s how I feel about the vlog… I just want to try something new. I’m like 25, and like when the f**k am I going to stop vlogging? Like, when does the next thing happen? Am I just going to vlog for the rest of my life?”

Furthermore, David Dobrik expressed his love for his vlog collection and said:

“I love them so much, and it makes me want to stop doing them because I want to put a little bow on them and be like, ‘Here they are!’ It could very well be a thing that people will really love again in like ten years. If I’m creating something I love, I don’t see why I wouldn’t like it right.”

Despite wanting to do something different, he is not sure what that would be. However, knowing Dobrik, he will find his new passion. Let’s see what he comes up with.

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