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David Dobrik has revealed that several Vlog Squad members may have tested positive for COVID-19

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In a recent video, David Dobrik revealed that all of Vlog Squad members have tested positive. Therefore, there was no vlog on his channel this week. According to people, they are not surprised because Dobrik and his friends do not take any precautions and keep on partying. In August, a TikToker claimed that she got COVID-19 after partying with the YouTubers.

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Few months ago, a TikToker asked David Dobrik to send food to her as she had COVID

In a TikTok, Morgan Gottowski shared a video from a party where David Dobrik, Toddy Smith, Zane Hijazi, and Scotty Sire could be seen in the background. This led to many believing that it was one of the Vlog Squad parties. After a few days, the TikToker claimed that she is COVID positive. After that, she tagged Dobrik, Smith, and Sire and wrote:

“can u at least send me food. im hungary and can’t leave.”

The TikTok came after the infamous assault allegations against Vlog Squad member, Durte Dom. Since Morgan’s video went viral, people further criticized the YouTubers for being irresponsible and for their reckless behavior. Despite people urging them to come forward with an explanation, David Dobrik and his team did not comment.

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Recently, David Dorbik revealed that Vlog Squad members have coronavirus

In a recent video, David Dobrik apologized to his followers and subscribers for not posting any new vlog. According to him, Vlog Squad members and his friends tested positive for COVID-19. Similarly, he said that they all have done their tests again and he wants to know if there will be no vlog next week as well. Right then, he checked his phone for the test results and claimed that they are all negative. Therefore, he revealed, there will be a new vlog next week.

Shortly after this video came out, people criticized Vlog Squad founder

While people have been resentful towards David Dobrik for a while, this new development did not help. After he revealed that they all had Covid-19, people started to bash him and Vlog Squad. According to one person:

i dont feel bad. if u party, go out all the time, never wear a mask, and dont respect covid restrictions what do u expect to happen

Meanwhile, another said:

I hope they recover well but how are people not afraid of the long term effects of this scary ass unknown illness ? ? ?Personally, I hate dealing with health insurance so much (yes I’m American lol) & THAT is my main motivation to be as safe as I can

Another person said:

Pretends to be shocked …. I’m surprised they didn’t get it sooner I remember they went out in the height of the pandemic in 2020 it was when Jeff in the excavator accident!

On the other hand, many people thought that David Dobrik reminds them of Shane Dawson.

However, few people commented on his looks.

Needless to say, people were not happy with him at all. Hopefully, Vlog Squad members and David Dobrik feel better soon and learn from their mistakes.

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