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Tana Mongeau Posts Steamy Video With New Boyfriend Lil Xan!

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If you are bored and don’t know what to do in this Holiday Season, don’t worry because Tana Mongeau has got you covered. As she is keeping her promise by entertaining her fans with some exclusive OnlyF*ns content. Not just that, last night Tana was hanging out with her ex-boyfriend Lil Xan. And it got many of her fans very confused because almost 24 hours ago Tana was having a wild tongue-to-tongue session with Bryce Hall.

Well! That’s not at all surprising. As Tana is famous for flirting with her best friends every now and then. And in the past few months, we have seen her posting some exclusively-exclusive content with Harry Jowsey on her OnlyF*ns. She has also mentioned a couple of times that she will be recording exclusive content with Bryce Hall and Jeff Wittek. Umm! She also mentioned in one of the episodes of her Cancelled podcast that she wants to film a s*x tape while her career is blooming. And she wanted to make it with her rapper boyfriend Chris Miles. But these two have had multiple breakups and patch-ups. And now Chris has moved on. But what’s Tana doing? Well!! She is planning to take things forward with one of her ex-boyfriends. Yes, guys!! You heard it right. Tana has made amends with her rapper ex-boyfriend Lil Xan.

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Tana Mongeau’s Steamy Video With Lil Xan Has People Talking

So as you all know that Tana and Lil Xan dated each other back in 2018. Everything was going well between these two. But then Lil Xan cheated on Tana. And then he moved on to dating Noah Cyrus. Tana also explained this whole messed-up story in a YouTube ‘storytime‘ video. After that Tana moved on to seeing Jake Paul, Bella Thorne, Francesca Farago, and then rapper Chris Miles.

And during the past couple of weeks, Tana has been making amends with some of her exes. Sadly, Jake Paul is not one of them. But Tana is back on talking terms with her ex Bella Thorne. And she is currently dating her ex-boyfriend Lil Xan. The Cancelled podcast host revealed this news in her Instagram stories and since then people are talking about it.

But there is one thing which is really shocking. Tana deleted the video in which she is almost na*ed in bed with Lil Xan. I am adding a screenshot for you guys in case you missed seeing it in the stories.


Sorry for my bad editing skills but I had to do it for some obvious reasons. Tana deleted this video from her stories right after a couple of hours of posting it. In the video, Tana asks Lil Xan if they’re dating again. To which he replies with a ‘Yes’. Then she asks him if he is scared. And he nods his head once again. Oh well!! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and see if these two are actually seeing each other and just creating the hype for Lil Xan’s upcoming track with Chris Miles.

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