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Bryce Hall catches a stalker within his own house!

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Once again, a stalker entered the new house of Bryce Hall. While the TikToker was inside the house, a random guy walked in. When Hall called him out on this, he claimed that he was invited. In the end, he called the police and the guy was arrested. Interestingly, it was the same guy who entered Sway House and stalked Hall and his fellow TikTokers. Previously, the boys made a vlog where they had a conversation with him.

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In January, Bryce Hall revealed that a stalked entered the Sway House and boys talked to him

Back when Bryce Hall and the other boys were still a part of Sway House, a random guy used to stalk them. According to the TikToker, the guy would stand in front of their house. However, he entered the Sway House and the boys decided to confront him. In a vlog, Bryce Hall and other members of the house talked to the guy. When asked how many times he had been to the house, the guy claimed that he has been there thousands of times, including Christmas party. Furthermore, he said:

“I came here for booze. I’ve seen these like stacks – do you even drink that much?”

This indicated that he actually watches the vlogs and is a fan. At one point, he also declared that Bryce Hall looks hotter on camera than in reality. Throughout the video, the boys blurred the face of the intruder.

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Recently, Hall revealed that the stalker had found his new house and broke in

Bryce Hall Catches A Stalker Within His Own House!

On his Instagram stories, Bryce Hall disclosed that the same stalker had found out about his new house and had broken in. In the stories, Hall can be seen confronting the stalker and telling him to get out of his house. Furthermore, Bryce Hall shared a tweet and wrote:

“Stalker from this video found my new house and walked into my house. I have him in the same position as last time and I’m not blurring his face this time. We blurred his face last time in the video but this time IDGAF… this s**t is terrifying.”

After a while, Hall updated the fans and revealed that he ended up calling the police on the stalker.

Previously, Bryce Hall called out the fans who trespass on his property

With fame comes a lot of stalkers and fans who have no concept of boundaries. Unfortunately for Bryce Hall, he is learning this the hard way. A few months ago, he shared CCTV footage where a fan of his can be seen trespassing on his property. In a tweet, he said:

to the people that sit outside my house and record me when I leave, break onto my property, and runaway when caught please stop lmao

Although these are very few incidents, it’s only a matter of time before this kind of stalking leads to something horrible. Hopefully, Bryce Hall and other celebrities stay safe from such people.

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