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Demi Lovato performs for a room full of ghosts, but it gets Weirder

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A few months back, Demi Lovato revealed that they are working on an unusual show. In their new show, Unidentified, the singer explores the places which are supposedly popular for UFO and supernatural sightings. At the moment, the show is on-air on Peacock. In the latest episode, the singer is seen performing for a ghost named Carmen. At the end of the performance, the ghost gave them a standing ovation as well. Needless to say, people had a lot to say.

In September, Demi Lovato revealed their documentary series, Unidentified

In a documentary-style reality show, Unidentified, Demi Lovato, their sister, Dallas, and best friend, Matthew, travel across the country. During their journey, they visit all the places which are supposed to be the hot spots for UFOs and supernatural beings. According to Lovato, they made contact with such a being and it inspired them to explore further. While promoting the show, they also claimed that we should not use the term alien for extraterrestrial beings. Demi Lovato said:

“I think that we have to stop calling them aliens because aliens is a derogatory term for anything. I call them ETs.”

Recently, a clip from the show went viral where the singer performs for the ghosts

Demi Lovato Performs For A Room Full Of Ghosts, But It Gets Weirder

During the latest episode of Unidentified with Demi Lovato, the singer came across a ghost named Carmen. According to them, Carmen revealed her trauma caused by men. In the clip, the singer can be seen talking to the ghost while Matthew Scott and Chris Smith are standing at the door. Whenever the ghost communicates with them, the device with a buzzer sound goes off. At one point, Demi Lovato says to Carmen:

“Have you seen anything like ETs here, or UFOs? Star people. Did you not want to say anything else because the boys were in here?”

When the buzzer goes off, Lovato says:

“I think – Oh, I get that a lot. She has trauma. That’s why she doesn’t like men. I have trauma, too, so I feel you and I get it.”

This is when the men suggest that they should sing to Carmen and Lovato chooses Skyscraper. After Demi Lovato finishes their performance, the buzzer goes off again which all three of them assumed is a compliment. To which the singer said:

“That’s the coolest standing ovation I’ve ever had.”

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After Demi Lovato video went viral, people shared their reactions on social media

Shortly after the video came out, it went viral on social media. According to one person:

there’s no way Demi Lovato isn’t a social experiment

Another person said:

That’s being california sober for ya

One person poked fun at Demi Lovato and said:

Themi has reached a level of sobriety I’m scared to experience 🥴

On the other hand, one person said:

Okay the first time she talked about it in an interview she made it seem so strange but this gives me so much life 😂😂😂😂 also skyscraper? What a bop

Another person reminded them that the term ghost is also offensive,.

Needless to say, people could not get over this new Demi Lovato shenanigan. Despite this hilarious response, the singer seems unfazed and having the time of their life with the ghosts as their audience.

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