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Netflix’s First Gay Christmas Romcom ‘Single All The Way’ Is Charmingly Sweet

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We’ve had our fill of romcom Christmas movies designed to put you in a festive mood. Everyone knows these Lifetime and Hallmark movies. Sweet, light-hearted, comforting, predictable plots and a few jokes here and there that bring you a few chuckles. And ‘Single All The Way’ it is all of that but with one big difference that gives it a new color that most movies don’t have. That is a LGBTQ love story that doesn’t have any of the typical stereotypes about gay men. But it also wasn’t a depressing or emotional tale about the woes of LGBTQ romance that Hollywood is known to portray.

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‘Single All The Way’ has an interesting plot

The movie has a wholesome element around it that makes for a comforting watch. There is Peter (Michael Urie) who lives with his best friend of 9 years Nick (Philemon Chambers) in L.A. He’s a social media manager but his true passion lies in plants. Peter’s dating life has always been a mess, which makes his supportive family worried about him. But we see him date a doctor at the start of the film. Unfortunately, Nick finds out that the doctor he’s dating is actually married to a woman with kids. Peter is saddened, especially because he wanted to show his family that he’s finally found a good guy.

He convinces his best friend Nick to accompany him to his home. However, Peter also wants Nick to be his pretend boyfriend for the time they’re there. Nick only agrees to the first part of the plan. That turns out to be a good idea for the time being because Peter’s mother Carole (Kathy Najimy) was going to set him up with a blind date. The blind date happens to be a really nice and handsome guy James (Luke Macfarlane).

Even though James and Peter have a nice bond going on, Peter can’t help but feel FOMO for not getting to spend time with his family and Nick. James also picks up on how Peter and Nick have an undeniable connection between them.

Ultimately, Peter’s entire family plans to make Peter and Nick realize they’re both actually in love with each other.

This brings us to adorable moments with the duo who share a natural warmth with each other. There are also a couple of funny moments sprinkled in the movie that make you chuckle, but none that will make you laugh out loud. Which is a sad fact considering that the movie also has comedy genius Jennifer Coolidge who plays Aunt Sandy. Aunty Sandy is there merely to create a subplot and add humor but the writers didn’t give her any depth which leads to disappointing scenes.

However, the movie still retains that special charm. Plus, it doesn’t make it a big deal that it’s an LGBTQ romcom. There was no special coming out moment for Peter or Nick, and everyone is just accepting and supportive by default. That definitely is a lesson more Hollywood movies should follow from now on.

‘Single All The Way’ wasn’t a bad movie, overall too. Michael Urie’s acting felt right when he was making awkward jokes but it felt unnatural when there were some heavy emotional moments in the film. As for Philemon Chambers, he shined throughout the film and it’s clear he has a great career ahead. But the lack of chemistry between Nick and Peter couldn’t be disguised with any amount of joke or cute moment.

As for the rest of the cast, they made for a good supporting cast but the performances weren’t that great enough to leave a lasting impact.

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