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Jake Paul denies sexual assault allegations, saying accuser was paid to do it

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Earlier this year, Jake Paul’s sexual assault allegations rocked his world. In a recent interview, the YouTuber turned boxer talked about the allegations he faced in April. According to a TikTok star, Justine Paradise, Paul assaulted her sexually at the Team 10 house. Now Paul is speaking up about it and reflecting on how it affected him. At one point in the interview, he said that someone paid her to say that and it was a fabricated lie.

In April, Jake Paul’s sexual assault allegations came out and shocked his fans

According to a TikTok star, Justine Paradise, Paul forced her into performing oral sex. In a 20 minute long video, she talked about Jake Paul’s sexual assault allegations. After she met the YouTuber in 2019 at the Team 10 house, they started hanging out regularly. In July 2019, Paul took her into a room and assaulted her despite her saying no. According to her, he did not take her consent and forced her to perform oral sex. Interestingly, Jake Paul’s sexual assault allegations came a few days before his boxing match with Ben Askren.

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After the allegations, Paul addressed them in a lengthy statement

Jake Paul Denies Sexual Assault Allegations, Saying Accuser Was Paid To Do It

Despite Jake Paul’s sexual assault allegations, he won the match against Ben Askren and has been a successful boxer since then. After Paradise’s video went viral, he addressed these accusations and claimed them to be 100% false. In a statement, Paul said:

“Sexual assault accusations aren’t something that I, or anyone should ever take lightly, but to be crystal clear, this claim made against me is 100% false. Not only have I never had any sexual relationship with this individual, but this claim is solely a manufactured accusation and a blatant attempt for attention during a highly visible fight week.”

Furthermore, Paul said that he would take legal actions against Paradise as she is guilty of defamation.

Recently, Jake Paul’s sexual assault allegations were a topic of discussion in an interview

A few days back, Jake Paul defeated Tyron Woodley in a rematch. With this win, he made a new record of back-to-back five wins in a boxing match. In order to talk about his boxing career, he sat down with Graham Bensinger. During the interview, Jake Paul’s sexual assault allegations were also discussed. While talking about it, Paul said:

“When you get sued for some ridiculous thing, it’s just awful. It’s time-consuming, it takes a toll on your life, and it’s very expensive. No matter what, you want to settle. You don’t want to end up in court. We live in a society where someone can make a claim about an individual and it could ruin things in their life forever. I was like ‘this is absurd, this is a lie.’ It made me sick to my stomach and before you know it, people from the event [are like] ‘this sponsor’s pulling out, we might have to cancel the fight’.”

Furthermore, he claimed that being a YouTuber and creating content might have pissed people off. At the same time, he said:

“I’ve never laid a finger on a girl without their permission, and it’s devastating to be accused of such a thing. I think someone paid her to do it. 100%. Something like that doesn’t come out 6 days out from a massive fight.”

So far, Justine Paradise has not responded to these new accusations.

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