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Ezra Miller Finally Opens Up About Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald Final Twist

Ezra Miller gives his input on what he thought about that shocking final reveal in Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald and we feel the same

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Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald has been released worldwide. Despite the bad critics’ reviews, the movie is doing well at the box office. Fans have reported that the movie feels crammed with various characters. Among them, the status of one old character changed drastically to reveal one big plot twist. It was Ezra Miller’s Credence Barebone who finds out that (spoiler alert) he is actually a Dumbledore. And fans are like…what?

The Plot Twist

So before you proceed into this article, fair warning. Spoilers ahead so turn away right now if you have not watched the movie yet.

Now that’s out of the way. Let’s get into it. At the climax of Crimes of Grindelwald, Ezra Miller’s character Credence Barebone discovers a secret. He comes face to face with Grindelwald. Turns out that the notorious dark wizard had plotted for Credence to come to him. Once they face off, Grindelwald reveals to Credence that his real name is Aurelius Dumbledore. What the..?

Yes! He says Dumbledore. Not only that. He tells Credence/Aurelius that he is Albus Dumbledore’s brother. Now we know that Albus Dumbledore, one of the most celebrated wizards of Harry Potter’s time, only had two siblings. Aberforth and Ariana. Where did Aurelius come from? Unfortunately, that is all we get to know about Aurelius in this movie. And also that he has a baby phoenix.

Ezra was Petfrificus Totalus When He Found Out

In an interview with EW, Ezra spoke out about his first impression when J.K. Rowling told him about the twist. He said,

“I was shocked, stunned, confused, petrificus totalus with wonder and fascination. And I still have a lot of questions for which I have no answers.”

Us too Ezra. Ezra has proven himself to be a true Potterhead. He is acknowledged as the most knowledgeable person about Harry Potter Universe or Wizarding World. So, when Ezra says that he was shocked, he represents all the Harry Potter fans in general.

How Ezra Tweaked His Performance

How Ezra Miller Tweaked His Performance
Warner Bros.

With full knowledge of this secret, Ezra admitted that he brought some changes to his character. He went from Credence to Aurelius across the movie. He said,

Yes, on a certain, a very, very subtle level. This character is changing, going through physical changes in relation to the Obscurial, [with] which we know he has an unusual relationship. So as he changes, there’s an opportunity for me as an actor to look to five of my favorite performances of all time — the people I’ve seen play Albus and Aberforth. Shout out to all those incredible actors, and I’m thrilled to play the game that we’re now blood relations. It’s very fun. And there’s a funny connection to the name Aurelius given one of the actors who played Dumbledore.

He is talking about the Late Sir Richard Harris, who played Albus Dumbledore in the first two Harry Potter movies. He also played the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the Oscar winning movie, Gladiator.

Ezra also said that Jude Law knew about the secret. He gave a clear answer this time,

“Jude knows. But he won’t tell you.”

What’s in Store for Aurelius and Grindelwald

Ezra did not give any confirm answers about the fate of the dark wizard and his new found ally. He speculated however about what they might be doing at Nurmengard Castle.

“Probably just hang out all the time. Hopefully Antonio the chupacabra — who was treated so foully by our fearless leader and master — has some siblings somewhere. We have a phoenix. We have the Obscurus juice. Plus Grindelwald is one of the most formidable wizards of all time. And we’ll get better costumes since we’re now on the villains side.”

We just hope that J.K. Rowling gives us proper closure about Credence’s lineage.

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