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Reese Witherspoon Surprised She Was Matthew McConaughey’s Childhood Celebrity Crush

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Old friends Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey appeared on the ‘Ellen DeGeneres’ show to promote their recent movie ‘Sing 2’. They did a rapid-fire segment with Ellen where they revealed some things about their life that the public didn’t know before.

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And like the public, Reese Witherspoon was also surprised at Matthew McConaughey’s revelation

Ellen DeGeneres asked both of them who their childhood celebrity crush was. Reese Witherspoon replied saying it was Jim Morrison from the movie The Doors’. She also added that she was a “weird kid”. She explained:

“The Doors movie had just come out and I was maybe 14. and I was like, ‘Oh, he’s so hot.’ So I guess it was Val Kilmer [as Jim Morrison].” 

Basically, the ‘Big Little Lies’ star shared that it was Val Kilmer she had a crush on. She found him to be very cute when the movie came out.

Matthew McConaughey approved Reese’s crush saying it was a “nice call”.

Then it was his turn to reveal who his celebrity crush was. He surprised Reese Witherspoon and the rest of us by saying:

“I did have a little bit of a crush on the young lady sitting to the left of me from ‘Man in the Moon'”.

The movie he was talking about came out in 1991 where Reese Witherspoon was just 14, and she did definitely look cute.

Reese Witherspoon was visibly shocked at hearing the news and her mouth opened up in disbelief. She said:

What?! Somebody write this down!

Matthew McConaughey elaborated that she was one of his “early, early crushes” you have when you’re a kid. Furthermore, he added:

“If you’ve seen the movie, you see [it’s] inevitable. I mean, what’s not to have a crush on?” 

Reese Witherspoon was absolutely flattered by his admission and called her friend sweet. She also joked that they need to just make a movie about the whole thing now!

Matthew McConaughey laughed and said that ‘About the First Celebrity Crush’ would be a nice title. It would obviously be a love triangle, Reese Witherspoon added as it would star the two of them alongside Val Kilmer.

“Oh my goodness. Something’s gotta move. Something will happen when you’ve got nothing to lose.”

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